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Official Organ 

of the 

Alumni Association 

of the 

Medical College 



November, 1961 
Volume 10, Number 4 





Official Organ of the 
Alumni Association of the Medical College of Virginia 
Published by the Alumni Association of the Medical College 
of Virginia in February, May, August, and November 

Editorial Committee 

James T. Tucker, M'27, editor-in-chief and chairman 

Alton D. Brashear, faculty; Charles P. Cardwell, Jr., 

director, MCV hospitals; Ebbe C. Hoff, dean, graduate 

school; Marguerite G. Nicholson, N'34; R. Reginald 

Rooke, P'21; William T. Sanger, chancellor emeritus; 

W. Taliaferro Thompson, M'38; John C Tyree, D'21; 

Ralph M. Ware, P'42; Warren E. Weaver, dean, school 

of pharmacy; Carter Lowance, assistant president. 

Minnie M. Franck, managing editor 

Mildred H. Clark, assistant managing editor 


W. C. Henderson, D'37, president 

301 East Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia 

Richard A. Michaux, M'37, immediate past president 

Lee Medical Building, Richmond, Virginia 

Charles B. Wilkerson, Jr., M'44, vice-president 

100 South Boylan Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina 

Alexander L. Martone, D'37, vice-president 

Medical Towers, Norfolk, Virginia 

Hunter M. Gaunt, P'26, vice-president 

Main and Valley Streets, Winchester, Virginia 

Mary Ester Cibula, N'42, vice-president 

Cabaniss Hall, MCV Station, Richmond, Virginia 

R. Reginald Rooke. P'21, secretary 

2929 Second Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 

James T. Tucker, M'27, treasurer 

Medical Arts Building, Richmond, Virginia 

Term Expires December 31, 1961 

J. Pelham Broaddus. D'30 

Franklin, Virginia 

Custis L. Coleman, M'43M 

Medical Arts Building 

Richmond, Virginia 

Donald S. Daniel, M'24 

Johnston-Willis Hospital 

Richmond, Virginia 

James D. Hagood. M'13 TJCM 

Clover, Virginia 

George F. Hendley, P'18 

4406 Forest Hill Avenue 

Richmond, Virginia 

J. Robert Massie, Jr., M'34 

St. Luke's Hospital 

Richmond, Virginia 

W. Roy Smith, P'41 

Physicians Products, Inc. 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Term Expires December 31, 1962 
Lloyd C. Bird, P'17 Richaed A. Michaux. M'37 

303 South Sixth Street Lee Medical Building 

Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia 

S. Nelson Gray, D'24 Marguerite G. Nicholson, N'34 
110 South Columbia Street MCV Station 

Alexandria, Virginia Richmond, Virginia 

J. Edward Marks. P'49 Robert V. Terrell. M'34 

6209 West Broad St. Medical Arts Building 

Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia 

Ralph M. Ware, P'42 
704 Cherokee Road 
Richmond, Virginia 

Term Expires December 31, 1963 

David M. Alexander, D'42 

Professional Building 

Richmond, Virginia 

William L. Cooke, M'29 

230 Professional Building 

Charleston, West Virginia 

Paul Hogg, M'33 

87 29th Street 

Newport News. Virginia 

Frances Gordon. N'43 
4514 West Grace Street 

Richmond, Virginia 

G. Wallace Hook, P'33 

223 Grant Avenue 

Manassas, Virginia 

Peter N. Pastore, M'34 

MCV Station 

Richmond. Virginia 

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Chapter Officers 
Delaware Valley Chapter 

President — Dr. Ulric J. Laquer. M'49 

212 North Main Street, Cape May Court House, New Jersey 

Vice-President — Dr. Robert G. Stineman, M'49 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Edward G. Sharp, M'34 

Florida West Coast Chapter 

President — Dr. Hawley H. Seiler, M'37 

517 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa 6, Florida 

Vice-President — Dr. Paul A. Tanner. Jr., M'53 

Secretary-Treasurer — Mr. Graham F. Hendley, P'54 

Fort Worth, Texas Chapter 

President — Dr. Wilber V. Bradshaw, M'34 
6490 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth, Texas 

New York Chapter 

President — Dr. Bernard Disick. M'25 

1290 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn 30, New York 

Vice-President — Dr. J. Berkley Gordon, M'26 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Granville M. Leaman, M'34 

North Carolina Chapter 

President — Dr. Millard D. Hill, M'28, Odd Fellows Building, 

Raleigh, N.C. 

Vice-President — Dr. Palmer H. Shelburne, M'27 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. J. W. GRIFFIS, M'32 

Peninsular Chapter 

President — Dr. Paul Hogg, M'33, 87-29th Street, Newport News, Va. 

President-Elect — Mr, S. B. Wright, P'17 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Thomas W. Sale, M'52 

Puerto Rico Chapter 

President — Dr. R. Rodriquez-Molina, M'26 

12 Huicy Street, Santurce, Puerto Rico 

Secretary-Treasurer — Mr. Willys K. Julia, HA'58 

Richmond Chapter 

President — Dr. Joseph C. Parker. M'40 

3811 Dover Road, Richmond, Va. 

Vice-President — Mr. J. Edward Marks. P'49 

Secretary — Dr. Hume S. Powell, D'41 

Treasurer — Miss Marguerite Nicholson, N'34 

Roanoke Chapter 

President — Dr. Walter H. Dickey, D'44 

Medical Arts Building, Roanoke 11, Va. 

Vice-President — Mr. William Reid, HA'52 

Secretary-Treasurer — Mrs. Elizabeth L. Sibley, N'49 

Tidewater Chapter 

President — Dr. Karl K. Wallace, M'32 
300 Wainwright Building, Norfolk 10, Virginia 

Vice-President — Dr. J. J. O'Keefe, Jr., D'30 
Secretary-Treasurer — Mr. Bernard Behrman, P'29 

Valley Chapter 

President — Mr. Hunter M. Gaunt, P'26 

Main & Valley Avenue, Winchester, Va. 

1st Vice-President — Dr. C. V. Townsend, M'49 

2nd Vice-President — Dr. Leon Slavin, D'31 

3rd Vice-President — Mr. Carl Parrish, associate in 

hospital administration 

Secretary-Treasurer — Mrs. John Hoover, N'35 

Washington Chapter 

President — Dr. Henry A. Hornthal, M'24 

2100 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington 8, D. C. 

I 'ice-President — Dr. Grover C. Starbuck, Jr., D'4l 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. John E. Alexander, M'35 

West Virginia Chapter 

President— Dr. Carl B. Hall. M'40 
5010 Staunton Avenue, S. E., Charleston, West Virginia 

The Scarab 

Published by The Alumni Association of the Medical College of Virginia 

Volume 10, No. 4 

Richmond, Virginia 

November, 1961 


Claude W. Woodward, Mayor of Richmond 

The Medical College of Virginia, be- 
cause of its location and its leadership in 
the field of medicine, has had a major 
role in the thinking and development of 
the City's Civic Center. 

A number of Medical College of Vir- 
ginia buildings now occupy the northeast 
area of the overall Civic Center project. 
The medical education building now un- 
der construction will constitute the far- 
east section of the depressed mall. This 
will add character to the Civic Center. 
The historical Egyptian building con- 
structed in 1845 together with the White 
House of the Confederacy, the John Mar- 
shall House, the Sheltering Arms Hos- 
pital, and the Valentine Museum will 
nicely blend in our rich historical past 
with our modern future. 

Harland Bartholomew, an outstanding 
national city planner, stated in his report 
of 1957, "the present buildings in the 
Medical College of Virginia are a splen- 
did adjunct of the Civic Center and 
should be coordinated with and made a 
part of the overall development plan." 

The gradual expansion of the City 
government made it necessary for its 
various operations to spread out. This has 
caused inconvenience to the citizens of 
Richmond and the employees of City 
government, as well as affecting the econ- 
omy of operation. Many of the buildings 
have become inadequate. For these and 
other reasons the City of Richmond felt 
the need to proceed with the location of 
the Civic Center. Concentration of the 
City's administrative offices and personnel 
is just good business. 

The City of Richmond has designated 
a thirty-eight-acre area generally bounded 
by 7th, 11th, Leigh, and Broad Streets 
in the heart of the downtown section as 
a Civic Center. The anticipated construc- 
tion cost of this project as presently 
scheduled by City Council is approxi- 


mately thirteen and one-half million dol- 

B.'ds for the first structure which is to 
be known as the Safety-Health- Welfare 
Building have been received. Prior to 
1965 other governmental buildings such 
as a new city hall, a new fire station, and 
an automotive maintenance facility will 
be constructed. A new courts building 
will probably be constructed sometime 
after 1965. 

The architects, Ballou and Justice, in 
their recommendation for a Civic Center 
felt that auxiliary facilities such as, but 
not limited to, a parking garage, a motel, 
underground shops, and a convention 
hall-theatre might be constructed to at- 
tract people to the center. One of the 
outstanding features of the Civic Center 
will be a depressed park type mall which 
will permit visitors to walk on a level 
grade between the City Hall and the 
Safety-Health-Welfare Building without 
vehicular conflict. 

Traffic studies have been made. These 
will ensure that traffic movement within 
and around the Civic Center will be 

smooth and orderly, thereby reducing con- 
gestion and minimizing accident poten- 
tials to motorists and pedestrians. Off- 
street parking surveys have been made 
which will result in the provision of an 
adequate supply of off-street parking 

An outstanding, internationally known 
landscape architect has been engaged to 
prepare the landscape plan. The land- 
scaping will be designed to be compli- 
mentary to the Center, to the Medical 
College of Virginia, and to the State and 
Federal office buildings with an abun- 
dance of greenery. This aesthetic treatment 
will add greatly to the attractiveness of 
the Civic Center and give it life at all 

The trend in good medical planning 
is to locate community public health 
facilities in or adjacent to the major 
medical center. This has been done very 
effectively in Norfolk and will be accom- 
plished in the new Civic Center. 

The Department of Public Health will 
occupy a portion of the first structure 
which will be the Safety-Health-Welfare 
Building. This Department has a long 
history of association and cooperation with 
the Medical College of Virginia. In the 
past, members of the professional staff of 
the health department have participated 
in the teaching program at the Medical 
College and through the facilities of the 
institution, the staff of the health depart- 
ment have been kept alert as to modern 
medical research and treatment techniques 
and have been greatly stimulated by the 
teaching atmosphere in the hospital. 

With the exception of several neigh- 
borhood clinics, the construction of the 
Civic Center will bring about consolida- 
tion of the various preventive medicine 
clinics and other public health activities 
of the health department in one location. 
This will mean that for the first time 
(Continued on page 26) 


MCV Guarantees Populous Civic Center 

Richmond's evolving downtown Civic 
Center has a high degree of built-in 
insurance against it ever becoming a life- 
less, monument-type of desert after the 
day's normal business hours. 

A beehive community of approximately 
6,000 people between the Civic Center 
and the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike 
to the east and north leaves little doubt 
that there will be plenty of people around, 
during the day and the night, to enjoy 
and appreciate the open spaces, the grass, 
and the shade to be provided by the mall 
and surrounding areas of the development. 

These 6,000 are the students, em- 
ployees, patients, and visitors to the Med- 
ical College of Virginia, who live and 
work in a busy plot of a little more than 
30 acres which constitutes a thin arc on 
the northeast perimeter of the civic cen- 
ter. This number of people adjacent to 
the project is in addition, of course, to 
the many thousands of office-building oc- 
cupants who will be in the downtown 
area during the "nine to five" cycle. 

In some earlier civic center enterprises 
in other cities, there has been a problem' 
of making the developments useful after- 
hours centers, simply by reason of the fact 

that the daytime population makes a five 
o'clock exodus to distant residential areas 
and no people are left downtown to use 
these costly installations. 

As a matter of fact, the Medical Col- 
lege of Virginia feels that it has had a 
considerable hand in bringing about cir- 
cumstances conducive to the evolution of 
the civic center idea and is happy to see 
its own development serve as a major 
contribution to revitalization of the im- 
portant downtown area. 

Swinging north and westward from 
Broad and College Streets, MCV has 
gradually brought about a complete meta- 
morphosis in a twelve block area from a 
blighted section of marginal housing to 
a pulsating medical center which brings 
thousands of people to its environs each 
year, including outstanding scholars, sci- 
entists, physicians, and surgeons from all 
parts of this country and many other 

Dominating the skyline of this med- 
ical community is the 21 -year-old, 18- 
story MCV hospital; but as far as the 
Civic Center is concerned this building 
will take a back seat, behind the MCV 
medical education building now under 

construction between 11th and 12th 
Streets, facing north on Marshall. This 
new structure, rising ten stories above 
street level (with two more beneath), 
will anchor the Civic Center on the east. 
The medical education building will har- 
monize with the architectural style and 
design of the Federal building, west on 
Marshall between Seventh and Eighth 
Streets, and is in keeping with the pro- 
posed City buildings which will surround 
the mall. 

MCVs long-range plans involve full 
development and use of the area north 
of Leigh to the Turnpike between Tenth 
and Seventh Streets. The Virginia Civil 
War Centennial Center, at Ninth and 
Turpin, will become the nucleus of an 
MCV student activities center in 1966. 
By then, the College hopes to be mov- 
ing forward also with plans for an 
adjoining gymnasium, to be physically 
connected with the Centennial building, 
and with apartment buildings for married 
students and housestaff westward toward 
Seventh Street. 

These are just some of the reasons 
why MCV is keenly interested in the 
Civic Center and why MCVs $35,000,000 
investment in structures and equipment 
(replacement value) complements the 
City's own outlays for the project. 

About the Cover 

The newly-opened Virginia Civil War 
Centennial Center located at Ninth and 
Turpin Streets is the most recent com- 
pleted addition to the Civic Center de- 
velopment. Information on the statewide 
commemoration may be obtained. There 
are also exhibits of interest including the 
Pelham exhibit of full-sized figures, a rail- 
road exhibit with a thousand one-inch 
high figures, a diorama of the Petersburg 
explosion at the crater, seven island ex- 
hibits of areas of the states, and an eight 
section movie titled "Manassas to Ap- 
pomattox." Also included are the offices 
of the Virginia Civil War Centennial 

At the end of 1965, the building will 
be turned over to the Medical College 
of Virginia, whose plan at present is to 
use it as a much-needed student activ- 
ities center. 


Old Monumental in Today's Scheme 

If Richmond's historic Monumental 
Church were to become a center for offer- 
ing the entire medical community at 
MCV all that religion stands for and 
could contribute to the healing arts in 
this mid-twentieth century, what would 
be its program? What would be re- 
quired of its staff and associates, and 
their functioning? 

Rash as it may seem, a few persons 
are beginning to wrestle with these ques- 
tions, and now ask for suggestions and 
help from any and all interested persons. 

The reason? Old Monumental, the 
scene of many convocations and other 
solemn occasions for MCV in the past, 
is preparing to commemorate its ses- 
quicentennial from December 26, 1961, 
to November 13, 1964. 

Spurred on by a generous grant from 
the Association for the Preservation of 
Virginia Antiquities and endorsed by the 
National Trust for Historic Preservation 
and the American Institute of Architects, 
plans are being developed to restore the 
nearly 150-year-old church during the 
sesquicentennial observance. 

For some time, far-seeing citizens in 
both the church and the community have 
recognized that Monumental's future 
ministry must be wider than its past 
parochial status. 

Standing on the edge of MCV's campus, 
the dignified octagonal church, with its 
inspiring paintings and other appealing 
features, has been the scene of several 
adventurous projects in recent years. 

With unassuming cooperation from the 
administration and a small group of 
faculty members and students, the old 
Sunday School room adjoining the church 
was remodelled three years ago by Monu- 
mental's limited congregation and other 
friends at a cost of nearly $30,000. It 
was renamed Teusler Hall after one of 
MCV's distinguished graduates of the 
1890's, Rudolf Boiling Teusler, who left 
Richmond for Japan, where he founded 
St. Luke's Hospital and International 
Medical Center in Tokyo. 

A weekly service of Campus Vespers 
was started on Tuesday evenings, ar- 
ranged by ministers and student workers 
representing the Baptist, Episcopal, 
Ludieran, Methodist, and Presbyterian 
churches. Attendance rose from a few 

score to more than a hundred. A student 
choir, was organized with medical stu- 
dents as organists. Regular meetings of 
student groups, suppers, and other in- 
formal gatherings made use of newly- 
furnished rooms, a well-equipped kitchen, 
a small library, and a reading room. 

In addition, communion services are 
held on Wednesdays at 5:15 p.m. for the 
benefit of all for whom the hour is con- 
venient. At this service prayers are of- 
fered for the entire medical community. 

But this is only a beginning. From the 
first, larger plans and more comprehensive 
objectives have been in the minds of 
those who were instrumental in launch- 
ing and supporting these preliminary 

As preparations advance for Monu- 
mental's sesquicentennial, these larger 
questions are being faced and openly 
discussed. The first Campus Vespers 
service in September of this year was 
shared in by ministers of the Episcopal, 
Lutheran, and Methodist churches, a 
Jewish rabbi, and a Roman Catholic priest. 
Students of all faiths were in the con- 
gregation, with a few faculty members. 

Now informal groups are meeting to 
consider aspects of the ultimate objective 

as viewed by students of MCV's schools 
and concerned members of the faculty, 
together with representatives of interested 
religious bodies. 

Further progress will come as more 
individuals are able to give time and 
thought to the studies, inquiries, and 
research that are involved. Financial sup- 
port by voluntary contributions helped 
to make possible what has been accom- 
plished so far, and more will be required 
from now on. 

In the meantime, some of Monumental's 
members reflect that its first and fifth 
rectors were M.D.'s before they were 
ordained as ministers. One of them, Dr. 
John Brockenbrough Newton, a surgeon- 
major in the Confederate Army, was the 
first president of the Alumni Association 
of the Medical College of Virginia. 
Monumental's last rector, the Rev. George 
Ossman, was MCV's first full-time chap- 
lain, and the present rector is gladly 
giving what time can be spared from 
other duties to assist in the exploratory 
task of this latest pioneering adventures 
at the nearly 150-year-old church. 

A. Ronald Merrix, Rector 

The Monumental Church of Richmond 


MCV Outlines Budget Needs 

Space adjustments incident to the open- R. Blackwell Smith, Jr. 

ing of the new medical education build- President MCV 

ing in 1962-63 and strengthening existing 

programs in education, research, and which the College feels it must have to 

service are major points of emphasis in carry forward properly the tasks assigned 

the Medical College of Virginia budget it by the Commonwealth and to keep 

for 1962-64. P ace w ' t h tne tremendous advances in 

The scope of our operations is partially professional education, 
reflected in the size of our estimate of Budget figures, standing alone, oft- 
total needs for maintenance and opera- times can be confusing, and it is well 
tion — funds from all sources — for the always to bear in mind that our request 
two years beginning July 1, 1962. These to the State is for only a part of the total 
add up to $30,961,642, of which we required to maintain and operate the in- 
hope $13,877,383 will be appropriated stitution, and that all of the rest comes 
by the General Assembly from the State's from institutional revenues and other 
general fund. sources, which are classed as "special 

In addition, we are asking $3,336,535 funds" to distinguish them from the 
in State funds for capital outlays and money that is appropriated from the gen- 
purchase of land. eral revenues of the Commonwealth. 

The MCV budget, submitted to Gov- With this distinction in mind, our 
ernor Almond and his Advisory Board 1962-64 requested budget may be sum- 
in September, represents the minimum marized as follows: 

Maintenance and Operation (All Funds) 

Appropriation Request Increase 

1960-62 1962-64 

Hospital Div $19,002,850 $21,958,910 $2,956,060 

College Div 6,591,095 9,002,732 2,411,637 

Totals $25,593,945 $30,961,642 $5,367,697 

General Fund — Maintenance and Operation 

Hospital Div $5,577,050 $7,636,310 $2,059,260 

College Div 3,990,505 6,241,073 2,250,568 

Totals $9,567,555 $13,877,383 $4,309,828 

Capital Outlays Requested for 1962-1964 

Hospital Division $1,780,425 

College Division 1,556,110 

Total $3,336,535 (including $450,000 for land) 

Almost a third of the funds requested course of the renovations. Occupancy of 

from the State for capital improvements the medical education building also will 

is related to the medical education build- call for rearrangement of certain areas in 

ing. These additional expenditures, of the main MCV hospital in the interest 

course, were envisioned when plans for of improvement and better utilization of 

the medical education building were space. Over the years, considerable space 

drawn and when the General Assembly in the hospital has been diverted from 

made its priginal appropriations for that the original purposes to laboratories and 

structure. Certain adjustments and rear- other uses which next year will be better 

rangements will be necessary in the A. D. accommodated in the medical education 

Williams Clinic building, which we also building, 
hope to completely air condition in the We also are requesting funds for 


renovation of Cabaniss Hall, which was 
constructed as a nurses dormitory in 1928, 
and for providing additional classrooms 
and offices for the school of nursing in 
connection with alterations and air con- 
ditioning of Randolph-Minor Hall. 

The opening of the medical education 
building will demand some modifica- 
tions in McGuire Hall with rearrange- 
ments of space and addition of equip- 

State funds are being sought to com- 
plete the renovation of St. Philip Hos- 
pital, a project that has been under way 
for the past two years; for much needed 
x-ray equipment; and to enable us to 
provide better housing for at least some 
of our housestaff. We are asking the 
State for $300,000 toward an apartment 
building to accommodate approximately 
100 families; the bulk of the cost would 
be financed by bonds but the requested 
state money would enable us to offer 
rentals at a level these interns and resi- 
dents could afford to pay. 

A large part of the College budget 
operational increase is attributable to the 
program to develop the medical faculty 
with a nucleus of full-time, paid staff 
in major departments. This program was 
undertaken in 1958, with the approval 
of the General Assembly; at that time 
part of the necessary funds were pro- 
vided and it was indicated the program 
would be implemented further in subse- 
quent sessions. 

Inflation and items of so-called "nor- 
mal" character — promotions, merit in- 
creases, etc., account for the rest of the 
increase, with two exceptions. Termina- 
tion of the contract with West Virginia 
under which we formerly accepted their 
junior and senior medical students, with 
West Virginia subsidies, will cost us, in 
terms of revenue, close to $100,000. The 
opening of the medical education build- 
ing will add building maintenance and 
operating costs of approximately $180,000 
a year. 

One aspect of our budget which we 

are particularly eager that the Governor 

and the General Assembly restudy is the 

cost of hospitalizing the indigent and the 

(Continued on page 26) 

Wt $aj> Critmfe 

William Newton Hodgkin 

Dr. William Newton Hodgkin, of Warrenton, Virginia, died on September 7, 
1961. Dr. Hodgkin was a past president of the Alumni Association and also a past 
member of the Board of Visitors of the Medical College of Virginia. He graduated 
from the University College of Medicine in 1912. 

His contributions to his profession of dentistry are endless. Both on the local and 
national level, he gave of his time and experience for the betterment of his profession 
as is evidenced by the long list of offices he held. To name a few, he had served 
as president of the Virginia State Dental Association, the Virginia State Board of 
Dental Examiners, and the Northern Virginia Dental Society. At time of the death, 
he was treasurer of the American College of Dentists and had been president and 
vice-president of it. He was also a past president of the American Academy of the 
History of Dentistry and of the American Association of Dental Examiners. He was 
the author of a number of pamphlets and articles on dentistry and the history 
of dentistry. 

Locally he had served on the town council of Warrenton for 22 years and was 
director of the Fauquier National Bank. 

To have had the pleasure of his acquaintance was to have known a southern 
gentleman in the true sense. 

Walter Henry Hartung 

The College was saddened on September 29 by the death of Dr. William Henry 
Hartung. Though Dr. Hartung had only been at MCV for five years, his imprint 
on the College will be long remembered. Here he had served as chairman of the 
department of chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry and as professor of pharma- 
ceutical chemistry and had occupied similar positions at the University of Maryland 
and the University of North Carolina. 

He was a member of the U.S. P. Committee for Revision, representative to the 
Nomenclature Committee of the U.S.P. and AMA from the U.S.P., and member 
of the N.I.H. panel on medicinal chemistry. Here at the College, he was also most 
active. Among the posts that he held was chairman of the curriculum committee 
in graduate studies. 

Dr. Warren E. Weaver has written in tribute of him, "All his associates will miss 
him sorely, but our College is the better for his having been here." 

Harvey Bernhardt Haag 

It is with great sorrow that we record the death of Harvey Bernhardt Haag, who 
died October 14. With his passing, we have lost one of our most distinguished 
alumni and beloved MCV professor who through his teaching, research, and ad- 
ministrative talents contributed so greatly not only to the growth and development 
of our college but to medical science throughout the world. 

Dr. Haag graduated from our school of pharmacy in 1923. Following a year at 
the College of William & Mary, he re-enrolled at MCV, this time in medicine, and 
graduated as a member of what he fondly called "the best class of all," that of 1928. 
Following a year of graduate study at Cornell University, Dr. Haag returned to MCV 
as assistant professor of pharmacology. Excepting a period of seven months spent 
during 1930 and '31 as visiting assistant under the famous pharmacologist, Dr. 
Walther Straub, at the University of Munich, he has easily resisted all further tempta- 
tions to stray from our campus. Advanced to professor of pharmacology and chair- 
man of the department in 1933, he led it with such success, until his semi-retirement 
in 1955, as to make it a model of achievement at MCV. In the midst of this busy 
period he also simultaneously served as dean of our school of medicine from 1947 
to 1950. 

In research, he not only served as a 
stimulus and wise counselor to his col- 
leagues but personally contributed to some 
170 scientific articles and two books. Re- 
flecting this, national duties and honors 
soon came his way. As examples, he was 
chairman of the Committee on Pharma- 
cology and Posology of the National 
Formulary, 1940-57, a member of the 
Revisions Committee of the U. S. P., 
1940-50, member of the Council on Drugs 
of the A.M.A., 1960-61, secretary of the 
American Society for Pharmacology and 
Experimental Therapeutics, 1946-50 and 
its president, 1953-54, and president of 
the American Therapeutic Society, 1954- 

But it was in the classroom that Harvey 
Haag most outstandingly displayed the 
legendary qualities that will long survive 
him. None of his students will ever for- 
get his breezy entrance with broad smile, 
bow tie cocked jauntily, and cigar in hand, 
and his first greeting to them of "happy 
days are here again." 

And, it is in appropriate variations in 
the spirit of this legacy that the alumni, 
faculty, and his host of other friends may 
also best recall and fondly remember their 

Paul S. Larson 


1893 Garland H. Carter (M), of Boydton, 
Virginia, died September 11 after a lingering 
illness. He had practiced there and in Mecklen- 
burg County until ill health forced his retire- 
ment eight years ago. He had been staff physi- 
cian at Southside Community Hospital. Among 
his survivors is Dr. G. Norfleet Carter (M'27). 
William L. Harris (M), of Norfolk, Virginia, 
died on September 9. He was a former mem- 
ber of the Board of Visitors of the College 
and had served on the State Board of Medical 
Examiners. Dr. Harris was a past president 
of the Norfolk County Medical Society and 
Virginia Academy of Pediatrics. He was a 
cofounder and physician in charge of the Vir- 
ginia Infant Sanatorium at Virginia Beach and 
a former medical director of the Norfolk pub- 
lic schools. 

1898 Foushee O. Mooklar (D), of Reedville, 
Virginia, died on July 27. He practiced there 
20 years, and before that in King William and 
Richmond for 20 years. 

1899 UCM Oscar F. Smith (M), of Scotland 
Neck, North Carolina, died on May 17. 
1902 Edward Sandidge (M), of Amherst, 
Virginia, died on January 13, 1961. 

1905 David K. Lockhart (D), of Durham, 
North Carolina, died on July 19, I960, after 
a year of complete paralysis. 

1906 Harvey V. Price (D), of Martinsville, 
Virginia, died on January 11, 1961. 

Orrin K. Phlegar (M), of Bluefield, Virginia, 
died on January 28, 1961. 

(Continued on page 20) 


School of Pharmacy 

The new term opened with a total of 
194 students enrolled in the various 
classes of the school. A record number 
of 66 seniors were present as well as a 
large group of 74 juniors. The second- 
year class was represented by 25 students. 
The first-year class had only 29 new stu- 
dents and was below our original esti- 

We feel that the second-year enroll- 
ment is good because this represents a 
transition year and most students could 
have theoretically chosen the four-year 
program. In fact, we could not have en- 
rolled any more students in this group 
because of overlaps in several courses 
that have required us to offer combined 
classes to second- and third-year students. 
It should be borne in mind that the third- 
and fourth-year students are in the four- 
year course while first- and second-year 
students are in the five-year program. 
Admission to the first-year class is based 
upon 32 semester hours of college work 
and the second-year students have two 
college years behind them. 

It is possible that the limited enroll- 
ment in the first-year class has occurred 
because students are electing to take two 
college years elsewhere and intend to 
transfer to pharmacy for three more 
years. This option was available to them 
and more students may have decided to 
take two years than we had anticipated. 

The untimely death of Dr. Walter H. 
Hartung, noted elsewhere in this issue, 
has brought us a tremendous problem. 
He was so outstanding in his field that it 
will be difficult, if not impossible, to 
replace him. Nevertheless, we are now 
seeking a capable person and hope to 
fill this vacancy in the not too distant 
future. Dr. Hartung's contribution to our 
school was tremendous. His activity ex- 
tended to all areas of the College and the 
graduate program that has bloomed in 
his department was mostly a result of 
his own efforts. 

Warren E. Weaver, dean 

School of Medicine 

Reorganization of the staff in the dean's 
office has recently been effected. A new 
assistant dean for student affairs has been 
appointed. The admissions work is no 
longer an additional responsibility of the 
student affairs section but has been given 
separate leadership. 


Deans Page 

Dr. Murray Reid Blair, Jr., was ap- 
pointed assistant dean for student affairs 
on September 6, 1961. He was born in 
Somerville, Massachusetts, and educated 
at Tufts College, where he earned the 
Ph.D. degree in pharmacology. Seven- 
years teaching experience encompassed 
appointments in the departments of 
pharmacology at Tufts and at the Uni- 
versity of Buffalo as assistant professor. 
At Buffalo, he participated in and sub- 
sequently became the co-ordinator of the 
Project in Medical Education, sponsored 
by the Commonwealth Fund. For the 
year prior to coming to the Medical Col- 
lege of Virginia, Dr. Blair was con- 
sultant pharmacologist at Arthur D. 
Little, Incorporated. 

His bibliography includes accounts of 
significant work on the development of 
new anticholinergic compounds, investi- 
gations of relationships of various poly- 
peptids to the function of the small 
intestine, and studies of the mode of 
action of atropine on intestinal motility. 

Dr. Blair is engaged essentially full 
time in dean's office responsibilities but 
will take some part in the educational 
program in the department of pharma- 
cology as associate professor. 

Dr. Miles E. Hench is well known to 
alumni as associate professor of clinical 
pathology and a faculty member at the 
Medical College of Virginia for nine 
years. He now devotes a significant part 
of his time to responsibilities in the dean's 
office as chairman of all admissions work. 
He continues at the same time to be 
responsible for teaching and adminis- 
tration in the area of bacteriology in the 
clinical pathology department. 

The secretarial staff — that group that 
accomplishes most of the real work of 
the office — has one new addition, Miss 
Nell Robinson, for budgetary affairs, and 
continues to include Miss Virginia Mil- 
ler, Mrs. Jean Boykins, Mrs. Nancy 
Hicks, and Mrs. Mary Graham. 

William F. Maloney, dean 

School of Nursing 

Sixty-eight students enrolled in the 
freshman classes of the school of nursing 
this September — 49 in the baccalaureate 
degree program and 19 in the associate 

degree program. Seventy-six and five- 
tenths percent of these reside in Virginia; 
other states represented include Arkansas, 
California, District of Columbia, Dela- 
ware, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New 
Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and 
West Virginia. 

We were extremely pleased with the 
results of our graduates' performance on 
the licensure examinations. Graduates of 
the baccalaureate degree program made 
some of the highest scores recorded for 
this school. In fact, the average scores 
made in all five subject areas, ranging 
from 619 to 642, were the highest aver- 
age group of scores for which we have 
records. Virginia's passing score for each 
subject area is 350. 

Not to be minimized was the per- 
formance of graduates of the associate 
degree program. The average scores made 
by this group in the same subject areas 
ranged from 521 to 575, indicating the 
average passing scores well above the 
350 required. 

We are indeed pleased with the per- 
formance of these graduates and the 
evidence it holds for the quality of our 
educational program. 

Four new faculty members joined our 
staff at the beginning of this school year, 
each holding a master's degree in the 
specialty field in which she will be 

For the first time, we have appointed 
a full-time instructor for the teaching of 
English. This person is responsible for 
the teaching of all courses in the English 
field as they occur in the curricula. Hav- 
ing access to faculty whose full time is 
devoted to the teaching of a subject in 
the liberal arts field will be quite an 
asset to the total educational effort. 

Doris B. Yingling, dean 

School of Dentistry 

The opening of an academic session is 
highlighted by the appearance of the 
faces of freshmen. In these "windows 
to the minds of men" one may perceive 
ambition and anxiety, a bit of confusion, 
and occasionally a touch of despair. Soph- 
omore faces reveal a hopeful sense of 
academic security. Juniors hum a popular 
tune to hide their clinic fright, a dis- 
tressing syndrome. Seniors walk by — a 
bit taller now in their own estimate — 
(Continued on page 26) 

Living 6 Voting 1 

Elizabeth V. Kellam 


Dentistry (DCM) 

Living 1 Voting 1 1 
Charles T. Womack 
Pharmacy (UCM) 

Living 2 Voting 1 
Henry D. Zimmerman* 


Living 3 Voting 2 

Francis J. Eisenman 
James H. Hagy 
Medicine (UCM) 

Living 7 Voting 1 
Luther R. Stinson 
Nursing (UCM) 

Living 4 Voting 1 
Belle F. Owen 

Medicine (UCM) 
Living 4 Voting 1 

J. L. DeCormis 

Medicine (UCM) 

Living 7 Voting 1 
Howard C. Slaughter 

Living 4 Voting 1 
J. Mitchell Lewis 

Living 7 Voting 1 

Thomas Watkins 
Medicine (UCM) 

Living 5 Voting 1 
E. L. Grubbs 
Dentistry (UCM) 

Living 2 Voting 1 
H. A. Duncan 
Nursing (UCM) 

Living 6 Voting 1 
Naomi S. Klipstein 

Directory of M 


Living 3 Voting 

C. D. Townes 

1 33% 



Medicine (NCMC) 

Dentistry (UCM) 
Living 3 Voting 

1 33% 


Living 2 Voting 1 50% 

Living 1 Voting 1 

1 00 % 

Thomas H. Scales 

Living 7 Voting 2 29 % 

J. T. Wallace 

Frank L. Mock 

Living 10 Voting 

Francis A. Bell 

Pharmacy (UCMI 

Dentistry (UCM) 

1 10% 

George Green 

Living 3 Voting 1 33 % 

Living 7 Voting 2 


Martha S. Callaham 

Medicine (UCM) 

J. D. Pruitt 

Living 9 Voting 3 33% 

John M. Hughes 

Robert S. Fitzgerald 


Living 3 Voting 1 33 % 

Harry L. Mears 


Delos D. Hooper 

Rose Hancock 



W. Lee Weadon 

Living 9 Voting 1 

11 % 

Living 13 Voting 

5 38% 


Josephine D. Payne 

A. C. Broders 

Living 3 Voting 1 33% 


R. H. Dunn 

Christine W. Staton 

Medicine (UCM) 

Nursing (UCM) 

Turner S. Shelton 

Nursing (UCM) 

Living 11 Voting 2 18% 

Living 5 Voting 2 


H. H. Simmerman* 

Living 4 Voting 1 25% 

Mark T. Frizzell 

Martha J. Campbell 

O. W. Ward 

Ellen W. Goss 

Frank C. Pratt 

Ora P. Locke 

Medicine (UCM) 
Living 3 Voting 

2 67% 

John T. Ramsey 

John W. Turman 


Living 2 Voting 

J. H. Cocks 

1 50% 


Dentistry (UCM) 
Living 3 Voting 

Carter Crafford 

2 67% 


Paul E. Jones 

Is your name 

listed among the 2425 

members on this 

Living 7 Voting 

Douglas Atkinson 

1 14% 

list? If not, won't you put a check in the mail today, so 

Pharmacy (UCM) 

that when the supplemental list of members is published 

Living 5 Voting 

H. M. Pettus 

1 20% 

in February, your NAME will be there and your class will 

be TOPS in membership ! 

Living 17 Voting 

Arthur S. Brinkley 

7 41 % 


Pharmacy (UCM) 


Meade C. Edmunds 


Living 3 Voting 1 33 % 


George G. Hankins 

Living 11 Voting 4 36% 

George Brunner 
Wylie H. Cunninghom 
Henry A. Mood 
L. F. Watson 

George J. Hulcher 


Medicine (UCMI 

Living 9 Voting 2 

James R. Boldridge 
Walter E. Vest 


David P. Scott 
Henry Clay Smith 
Albert U. Tieche 
Randolph E. Watts 
Medicine (UCM) 

Medicine (UCM) 

Living 12 Voting 3 25% 

Medicine (UCM) 

Living 13 Voting 

3 23% 

Living 7 Voting 2 29 % 

Brady D. Epling 

Living 8 Voting 2 


Harry Harrison 

Russell L. Cecil 

A. M. Saunders 

Mariana B. Caballero 

A. D. Morgan 

Ray A. Moore 

A. P. Upshur 

C. L. Harrell 

J. G. Raby 

Return This With Your Contribution 

Here is my $10.00 to make me a voting member for this calendar year, 1961, and with it 

is $ for the Alumni Lounge in the student dormitories and the other projects of 

the Association. 



Make your check payable to: Alumni Association of MCV 
1105 East Clay Street 
Richmond, Virginia 

$60,000 To Go On The Alumni Lounge 
Help Please! 


Medicine (NCMC) 
Living 3 Voting 1 33 % 

Jomes B. Whittington 
Living 6 Voting 2 33% 

C. Brown Pearson 
Willis H. Wunder 
Dentistry (UCM) 

Living 2 Voting 1 50% 
M. J. Connell, Sr. 

Living 7 Voting 1 14% 
H. R. Hamlett 
Pharmacy (UCM) 

Living 8 Voting 3 38% 
E. G. Johann 
W. E. Locke 
J. A. Sollod 
Nursing (UCM) 

Living 11 Voting 3 27% 
Andrina Grove-Hagen 
Victoria L. P. Lipscomb 
Annie C. Stephenson 



Living 8 Voting 3 38% 

Charles Watts Haden 
W. W. Horgrave 
R. C. Hooker 
Medicine (UCM) 

Living 10 Voting 3 30% 
L. J. Friedman 
M. Pinson Neal 
Charles C. Smith, Jr. 
Dentistry (UCM) 

Living 5 Voting 1 20% 
William N. Hodgkin* 

Living 7 Voting 1 14% 

D. D. Gray 
Pharmacy (UCM) 

Living 9 Voting 1 1 1 % 
B. F. Foley- 

Living 20 Voting 8 40% 

S. B. Berkley 

E. L. Caudill, Sr. 
W. C. Caudill 

J. M. Cofer 
Herman Hertzberg 
John M. Kester 
Gerald C. Parker 
Abraham I. Weinstein 
Medicine (UCM) 

Living 21 Voting 6 29% 
Beverley F. Eckles 
J. O. Fitzgerald, Jr. 
J. D. Hagood 
George S. Hurt 
W. T. Rainey 
R. W. Woodhouse, Jr. 

Living S Voting 1 20% 
Walter E. Miller 
Pharmacy (UCM) 

Living 7 Voting 3 43 % 
R. D. Heist 
Glenn Updike 
A. R. Warner 

Living 34 Voting 13 38% 

G. E. Bowdoin 
Guy B. Denit 
E. Lotane Flanagan 
L. M. Futrell 
James B. Gorman 
K. D. Graves 
J. M. Hollaway 


William R. Laird, Jr. 

Edgar P. Norfleet 

Lewis T. Stoneburner, Jr. 

Howard Urbach 

J. C. Walker, Jr. 

C. B. Young 

Medicine (NCMC) 

Living 3 Voting 1 33 % 
Oscar R. Black 

Living 16 Voting 2 13% 
G. Van Durrer 
Henry G. Shirkey 

Living 17 Voting 1 6% 
Annie C. Smith 

Living 50 Voting 1 20 % 

James B. Anderson 
T. Neill Barnett 
M. Roman Benitez 
C. B. Courtney 
J. M. Emmett 
Fred P. Fletcher 
Carroll H. Iden 
John E. Porter 
J. Gregg Smith 
G. V. Wood, Jr. 

Living 1 1 Voting 1 9 % 
W. E. Cole 

Living 13 Voting 1 8% 
Mary F. Halterman 

Living 45 Voting 18 40% 

Gilbert O. Crank 
W. P. Gilmer 
P. G. Hamlin 
J. L. Hamner 
Edgar C. Harper 
Henry C. Johnston 
F. W. H. Logan 
John W. Martin 
Walter R. Parker 
A. D. Parson 
W. H. Parsons 
William O. Poindexter 
Albert T. Ransone 
Alex F. Robertson, Jr. 
Philip S. Smith 
Ernest L. Strictland 

F. P. Sutherland 
J. W. Tipton 

Living 1 1 Voting 1 9 % 
Morris Phipps 

Living 67 Voting 27 40% 

E. Ray Altizer 
Edward T. Ames 

G. C. Andes 
Blondin S. Brake 
Carl A. Broaddus 
Randolph G. Broaddus 
Alan J. Chenery 

C. Clyde Coffindaffer 
Dean B. Cole 
S. S. Cook 
James A. Fields 
Bernard F. Gilchriest 
J. Stewart Gilman 
Arthur E. Gouge 
Campbell Harris 
Joseph Heyman 
Basil B. Jones 
E. V. Long 
T. C. Lovelace 
Claudius Mac Gowan 

George C. Snead 
Ramon M. Suarez 
W. G. Suiter 
Toson O. Summers 
Edwin B. Thompson 
R. F. Thornhill 
H. E. Whaley 

Living 12 Voting 3 25% 
L. S. Hoover 
C. I. Miller 
Beaman Story 

Living 18 Voting 6 33% 
L. C. Bird 
E. V. Greever 
Oscar T. Kittinger 
Samuel Rosenthal 
L. R. Shadwell 
S. B. Wright 

Living 1 1 Voting 1 9 % 
Hattie E. Bell 


Living 1 8 Voting 4 22 % 

Robert M. Baker 
J. D. Freeman 
W. A. Simpson 
James F. Terrell 

Living 16 Voting 7 44% 
W. Archer Bagley 
Webster I. Carpenter 
G. W. Holliday 
L. M. Massey 
N. F. Muir 
J. Garves Poole 
G. A. Svetlik 

Living 7 Voting 2 28% 
George F. Hendley 
Leo Rosenthal 

Living 8 Voting 1 13% 
Nancy P. Dailey 


Living 8 Voting 2 25% 

H. W. Decker 
C. L. Nance 

Living 25 Voting 5 20% 

R. H. Bruni, Sr. 
William H. Lewis, Jr. 
T. A. Price 
J. J. Stigall 
Leon J. Walton 

Living 8 Voting 1 1 5 % 
Emily L. Lyerly 

Living 12 Voting 5 42% 

H. O. Bell 
J. F. Edmonds 
H. R. Huston 
J. G. Lyerly 
Augustine J. Russo 

Living 13 Voting 2 15% 
Francis J. Britton 
T. J. Ham 

Living 1 6 Voting 1 6 % 
Gertrude E. Uding 

Living 21 Voting 7 33% 

Harry Lee Cloud 

T. Dewey Davis 
R. F. Gillespie 
Ira T. Hornbarger 
Charles W. Putney 
Paul A. Robertson 
R. Hugh Wood 

Living 10 Voting 4 40% 
Walter E. Clark 
Herbert Cone 
Floyd L. Leonard 
John C. Tyree 

Living 27 Voting 4 14% 
G. E. Andes 
R. R. Rooke 
Sedona V. Show 
J. G. Thomas 

Living 1 1 Voting 2 1 8 % 
Mattie W. Poyser 
Veda B. Reddy 
Nursing (VCH) 

Living 5 Voting 2 40% 
Vida Bailey 
Eleanor B. Brown 


Living 19 Voting 7 38% 

Charles M. Caravati 
Joseph Coates 
Malcolm H. Harris 
W. J. Ozlin 
George W. Parson 
Blanton P. Seward 
L. O. Snead 

Living 14 Voting 2 14% 
French H. Moore 
Tillie L. Weinstein 

Living 16 Voting 5 31 % 
H. M. Eads 
T. F. Marshall 
L. V. Morgan 
C. R. Pendleton 
W. A. Smith 

Living 10 Voting 5 50% 
Hildred Bauserman 
Minnie L. Cole 
Elise Grimes 
Annie M. Linton 
Florence C. Schwab 


Living 31 Voting 12 39% 

E. Macaulay Babb 
W. S. Beazley, Jr. 
S. R. Cozart 
P. R. Fox 
B. E. Glass 
H. L. Gwynn 
Robert P. Hawkins, Jr.. 
S. P. Hileman 
H. H. Menzies 
Waverly R. Payne 
John N. Robertson 
Leta J. White 

Living 27 Voting 7 26% 
J. J. Bangel 
Job Oscar Belcher 
Andrew B. Cooke 
R. Ashton Gay 
Harry Lyons 
Leland S. Mabry 
Clyde B. Reese 

Living 28 Voting 5 18% 
J. W. Chamblee 

J. E. Layman 
W. R. Lecky, Jr. 
James H. Ross 

E. R. Rush 

Living 8 Voting 2 25% 
Edna N. Hooker 
Mary H. Oliver 



Living 51 Voting 21 41 % 

J. A. Avrack 
Robert W. Bess 
G. W. Black 
J. L. Blanton 

F. Norman Bowles 
Donald S. Daniel 
Clay W. Evatl 
Lula Woods Garst 
C. E. Haberlin 
Lucy S. Hill 
Henry A. Hornthal 

B. E. Hunt 

L. Rush Lambert 

C. F. Lemley 
William F. Matthews 
W. E. Newcomer 
Roy L. Noblin 
Allen B. Sloan 
Giles S. Terry 

H. Hudnall Ware, Jr. 
T. B. Washington 

Living 31 Voting 7 23% 
W. Russell Colvin 
George W. Duncan 
R. F. Freeman 
S. Nelson Gray 

G. Fred Hale 
Herbert Spear 
W. J. Snydor 

Living 17 Voting 4 24% 
Jomes G. Albert 
S. T. Gray 

D. B. Schwetz 
S. G. Vaught 


Living 38 Voting 7 18% 

A. E. Amick 

D. G. Chapman 
Robley B. Goad 

W. Randolph Graham 

E. Bacon Hardee 
H. P. Levin 
Dana T. Moore 

Living 9 Voting 1 1 1 % 
C. H. Wilson 

Living 28 Voting 3 11 % 
T. W. L. Hughes 
Cecil C. Lipes 
Irvin L. Simpkins 


Living 57 Voting 22 39% 

Fletcher E. Ammons 
Guy C. A<nory 

B. Herman Bailey 
Webster P. Barnes 
O. C. Campbell 
George G. Chiles 
A. D. Ferrell 
Harry Golston 

J. Berkley Gordon 
Thomas B. Gordon 
E. W. Gray 
Jeanette T. M. Jarman 

J. Philip Jones, Jr. 
A. A. Koran 
Max Kliger 
Lewis C. Lush 
George O. Martin 
W. Fuquo Mitchell 
R. Rodriquez-Molina 
Maurice Rosenthal 
Donnie M. Royal 
William F. Work 

Living 12 Voting 5 42% 
W. Tyler Haynes 
Edward Myers 
R. S. Powell 
W. A. Ratcliffe 
John Lewis Walker 

Living 32 Voting 6 19% 
Braxton Coiner 
Hunter M. Gaunt 
I. D. Harvey 
H. C. Hawthorne 
Z. B. Johnston 
C. A. Pollard 

Living 14 Voting 3 21 % 
Lois F. Arundel 
Frances T. Brogden 
Maude L. Fox 

Living 57 Voting 25 44% 

Edward L. Alexander 
W. Linwood Ball 
Harry E. Beard 
Thomas S. Bowyer 
G. Norfleet Carter 
Raymond H. Curry 
Jose Garrido-Collazo 
Seth Gayle, Jr. 
L. Holmes Ginn, Jr. 
J. Warren Hundley 

E. W. Johnson 
Sidney F. Johnston 
Oliver L. Jones* 
Orvin C. Jones 
James W. Keever 
Athey R. Lutz 

F. U. Metcalf 
Juan Nieves-Colon 
John W. Parker, Jr. 
Paul E. Prillaman 
Irvin Rifkin 

P. A. Shelburne 
S. F. Stockhammer 

James T. Tucker 
Living 7 Voting 1 14% 

J. R. Fleet 

Living 8 Voting 3 38% 

S. T. McAfee 
A. O. McCalley 
R. Maclin Smith 

Living 4 Voting 1 25 % 
Florence S. Osborne 


Living 67 Voting 22 33 % 

Joseph F. Barrett 
C. R. Bowman 
Clyde I.. Brothers 
Raymond L. Claterbaugh 
A. R. Comunale 
Garrett Dalton 
E. D. Floyd 
Harvey B. Haag* 

C. H. Henderson 
N. B. Jeter 

E. C. Joyner 
Dorothy Kirshbaum 
Allen S. Lloyd 

D. F. Love 
Frank Mongillo 
Claude L. Neale 
John H. Reed, Jr. 
R. H. Reitzel 

R. F. Simms 

W. R. Southward 

William N. Thompson 

John R. Wood 


Living 8 Voting 1 13% 
M. A. Byrd 

Living 13 Voting 1 7% 
J. R. Ward 

Living 10 Voting 2 20% 
Lucy H. DePoorter 
Mary Campbell Gale 
Medical Technology 

Living 4 Voting 1 25% 
Katherine C. Wade 


Living 66 Voting 25 38% 

Charles L. Baird, Sr. 
S. O. Bennett 
Rex Blankinship 
W. M. B. Brown 
O. K. Burnette 
A. C. Chandler 
S. L. Cooke 
William L. Cooke 
Rufus M. DeHart 
William J. Ellis 
Ramon D. Gorcin, Jr. 

W. A. Graham 
T. N. Hunnicutt, Jr. 
Joseph W. Jabbour 
Charles Lipshutz 
Claude A. Nunnally 

B. L. Parrish 
W. G. Preas 
J. P. Pregnall 
James S. Richardson 
Charles R. Robins, Jr. 

C. P. Ryland 
William P. Stull 
Ellis G. Winstead 
P. H. Winston 

Living 1 9 Voting 1 5 % 
I. T. Hardy 

Living 1 9 Voting 8 42 % 
F. S. Anderson, Jr. 
Bernard Behrman 
James C. Bray 
M. W. Bridgers 
J. Blackwell Hanes 
J. Leslie Hughes 
James H. Sullender 
R. A. Tolley 

Living 18 Voting 6 33% 
Rachel H. Hughes 
Anne F. Mahoney 
Elva Newman 
Virginia M. Porter 
Rosalind W. Roach 
Lillian Winston 
Medical Technology 

Living 6 Voting 1 17% 
Elizabeth A. Caperton 

Living 82 Voting 34 41 % 

E. S. Berlin 

M. Foscue Brock 

W. E. Butler 

John R. Copenhaver 

J. Glenn Cox 

Clyde L. Crawford 

Edwin S. Crisp 

John W. Davis, Jr. 

R. E. Dunkley 

Van M. Ellis 

K. St. Clair Freeman 

Louise Galvin 

Lloyd H. Gaston 

Thomas L. Gemmil 

H. J. Harris 

J. R. B. Hutchinson* 

Clifford W. Lewis 

Marsh McCall 

E. T. Montgomery 

N. W. Newman 

Sigmund Newman 
Zenas B. Noon 
James B. Pettis 
M. M. Ralsten 
Emmett V. Richardson 
R. S. Roberson 
Claude E. Simons 
C. G. Spivey 
W. G. Stephenson 
Meyer Vitsky 
Louis E. Wice 
Edward H. Williams 
James N. Williams 
J. H. Yeatman 
Living 20 Voting 10 50% 

B. A. Brann 

J. P. Broaddus 
J. P. Cross 
Stanley L. Dixon 
R. J. Hutchings 
J. J. O'Keefe 
W. Davis Parrott 
R. O. Reynolds 
W. N. Richardson 
S. B. Towler 

Living 32 Voting 8 25 % 
T. J. Banton 
J. M. Bierer 

C. L. Biscoe 
Theodore Cohen 

B. J. Fitzhugh 

C. O. Thomas 
E. E. Willey 
B. B. Williams 

Living 38 Voting 7 18% 
Ella P. Bounds 
Helen H. Crossley 
Mary B. Healey 
Nellie H. Hopkins 
Laura S. V. Navy 
Lucy B. Powers 
Elizabeth K. Ryan 

Living 78 Voting 33 42 % 

Antonio Acosta-Valarde 
Harold I. Amory 

D. B. Armistead 
Paul J. Bundy 

R. D. Butterworth 
Meyer Cohen 
Frank Philip Coleman 
L. B. Copenhaver 
George F. Cormeny 
Oscar W. Cranz 
Fred G. DeBusk 
J. G. Faulk 
R. O. Glenn 

Victor Goodside 
T. M. Hearn 

B. A. Helsabeck 
William H. Hoskins 
J. G. Jantz 

Cyril J. C. Kennedy 
O. G. King 
Carl W. La Fratta 
J. C. Lefon 
H. J. Lukeman 
E. M. Mann 
Frank Mayfield 
Tom H. Mitchell 
John H. Murphy 
Thomas B. Payne 

C. G. Power 

E. Cotton Rawls 
Adolfo Sanchez 
Henry C. Spalding 
Howard M. Starling 

Living 1 8 Voting 2 1 1 % 
Joseph L. Parker 
Leon Slavin 

Living 23 Voting 8 35% 
Isadore I. Bass 
Roy M. Beard 
Herman E. Becker 
J. Walter Earnest 
H. A. Farnsworth 
Louise H. Farnsworth 
A. S. Lewis 
Bruce Rose 

Living 32 Voting 6 19% 
Hattie M. Brown 
Deborah Cappleman 
Blanche S. Connell 
Minnie V. Jones 
Elsie C. Kean 
Sabra S. Russell 

Living 70 Voting 27 39% 

Nathan Bloom 

H. G. Byrd 

Richard C. Cecil 

Bertha M. Davis 

C. A. Easley 

R. F. Fasoli 

S. A. Ford 

R. H. Fowlkes 

J. W. Griffis 

J. J. Grizzard, Jr. 

Sydney Levy 

E. W. McCauley 

Samuel H. Mirmelstein 

H. Sutton Powell 

P. A. Richards 

Euston S. Robertson 


212 West Franklin Street 
Richmond, Virginia 
A private hospital for diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric and neurological patients. Hospital 
and out-patient services. 

(Organic diseases of the nervous system, psychoneuroses, psychosomatic disorders, mood disturb- 
ances, social adjustment problems, involutional reactions and selective psychotic and alcoholic prob- 

Dr. James Asa Shield Dr. Weir M. Tucker 

Dr. George S. Fultz, Jr. Dr. Amelia G. Wood 

Dr. W. Frederick Young 



C. T. St. Clair, Jr. 

Edgar W. Childrey, Jr. 

Allen N. Fore 

Peter N. Pastore 

W. H. Saunders* 

Ellis O. Coleman 

G. Wallace Hook 

J. A. Payne, III 

L. L. Shamburger 

Florence H. Comess 

J. R. Ponton 

Thomas B. Pope 

Beecher L. Smith 

William D. Comess 

E. Claiborne Robins 

C. L. Riley 

W. W. Stanfield 

C. W. Copenhaver 

Joseph S. Rowe 

Jerome J. Shapiro 

L. B. Todd 

J. Spencer Dryden 

C. B. Wallace 

R. C. Siersema 

J. S. Vermillion 

W. F. Evans 

G. C. White 

Robert V. Terrell 

George D. Vermilya 

H. D. Fitzpatrick 

F. N. Thompson 

K. K. Wallace 

James T. Green, Jr. 


Girard V. Thompson 

W. L Weaver 

B. C. Grigsby 


Elam C. Toone, Jr. 

J. M. Winkfield 

Paul Hogg 

Living 82 Voting 40 49% 



Mary E. Johnston 

Alfred Abramson 

Living 22 Voting 

4 18% 

Living 25 Voting 6 


J. Bernard Jones 

Robley D. Bates 

Alexander Kaufman 

S. 1. Dyckman 

Robert H. Jordan 

E. C. Blum 

John J. Kohout 

W. R. Elam 

M. H. McClintic 

Robert A. Brown, Jr. 

Ernest D. Overbey 

Charles M. Heartwell, 


B. W. Mongle 

William F. Bryce, Jr. 

James H. Rucker 

Philip Lasting 

G. A. Moosey 

C. C. Chewning, Jr. 


R. E. Long 

E. W. Perkins 

S. C. Cox 

Living 21 Voting 

9 43 % 

J. B. Todd 

J. W. Phillips 

C. Fallon Davis 

C. B. Freeman 


J. A. Robinson 

W. F. Delp 

Jack T. Gale 

Living 19 Voting 7 


Andrew D. Shapiro 

Claude S. Finney 

John W. Gallagher, 


Abbot M. Banks 

Nathan Sharove 

Mildred B. Forman 

J. R. McDowell 

H. L. Beamer 

Vicor Simiele 

James H. Gordon 

A. A. Phaup 

Earle W. Bell 

Russell B. Smiley 

Cecil C. Hatfield 

R. M. Reilly 

J. F. Harshbarger 

W. P. Starling 

Horace D. Hoskins 

Myer Salsbury 

J. H. Jones 

Alfred Steiner 

Grey C. Hughes 

David Silver 

W. L. Smith 

Edwin D. Vaughan 

Brock D. Jones 

Robert W. Sims 

William G. Tarrant, Jr 

John O. Watkins, Jr. 

Frank W. Jones 



P. L. Wolgin 

James P. Kent 

Living 39 Voting 

6 15% 

Living 16 Voting 2 


A. A. Yurko 

N. T. Keys 

Vivian Bragg 

Harriette A. Patteson 


Alan F. Kreglow 

Anna M. Copenhav 


Mary B. Thompson 

Living 18 Voting 3 16% 

J. H. Lamm 

Miriam G. Goldma 

J. L. Adams 

Vincent E. Lascora* 

Virginia L. Kegley 


B. M. Haley 

G. M. Leaman 

Marguerite Nicholson 


M. D. Holland 

W. S. Lloyd 

Dorothy K. Thomso 

Living 75 Voting 35 47 % 


R. C. Manson 


Emory H. Anderson 

Living 29 Voting 11 38% 

J. Robert Massie, Jr. 

William Bickers 

J. G. Ball 

E. C. Mathews 


F. Keith Bradford 

Roger D. Brown 

Clyde G. O'Brien 

Living 67 Voting 

36 54% 

Ernest P. Buxton, Jr. 

Ralph Carino 

Philip W. Oden 

John E. Alexander 

J. W. Carney 

G. L. E. Edmiston 

Edwin J. Palmer 

B. Randolph Allen 

Herbert M. Beddow 
John R. Bender 
George S. Bowers 
William H. Chapman 
Chai Chang Choi 



Joseph M. D 
J. B. Earle 
Hugh S. Edv 

James Q. Gant, Jr. 
George A. Glass 
Cornelius E. Hagan, Jr. 
Edmund M. LaPrade 
Samuel Levine 
Louis Lovenstein 
John P. Lynch, Jr. 
Cameron F. McRae 
Aurelia G. Nicholls 
Reno R. Porter 
Rupert W. Powell 
Wellford C. Reed 
S. T. Ryang 
John R. Saunders, Jr. 
Seymour Schotz 
B. E. Stephenson, Jr. 
Hack U. Stephenson, Jr. 
Leo L. Tylec 
William R. Tyson 
Angelo J. Villani 
Harold W. Ward 
A. C. Whitley 
Washington C. Winn 

Living 14 Voting 5 36% 
Albert D. Alexander 
MofTett H. Bowman 
T. C. Bradshaw 
Elwood F. MacRury 
Richard L. Simpson, Jr. 


We cordially invite you to avail yourself of our complete line of investment services 

1. Developing Personalized Investment Programs 

2. Research Field Trips to Obtain Vital Information on Corporate Securities 

3. Orders Executed on All Exchanges and the Unlisted Market 

4. Extensive Market Coverage by Virtue of a Direct Wire to New York and Connections with Other 
Major Cities 

5. Up-to-the-Minute Market Prices from Automatic Teleregister Board and Quotron 

6. A Market Place for Local Corporate Shares. 

7. Underwriting and Trading Markets in Municipal and Corporate Bonds 

8. Raising Capital for Expanding Businesses 

9. Periodic Investment Plans in Mutual Funds and M.I.P. 

J. C. WHEAT & CO. 


307 First St., S.W. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Phone Diamond 5-0451 

1001 E. Main St. 

Richmond, Va. 
Phone MI 4-4651 

15 Selden Arcade 

Norfolk, Va. 

Phone MAdison 5-4265 




Living 7 Voting 2 29% 

J. Curtis Nottingham 
J. W. Rhodes 

Living 31 Voting 7 23% 
Alma C. Baetz 
Helen T. Bryce 
Erna L. Carlson 
Ruhamah W. Henshow 
Frances C. Morgan 
Martha Nicholes 
Charlotte L. Wiseman 


Living 68 Voting 33 49% 

C. Raymond Arp 
Homer Bartley 
Ben Bogen 
Donald D. Brusca 
Paul K. Candler 
A. A. Davis 
Louis DeAngelis 
Oscar K. Diamond 
Lee F. Dobbs, Jr. 
Robert R. Eoson 
Eugene R. Evans 
Helen G. Evans 
Homer E. Ferguson 
William Y. Garrett 
Frederick C. Goodall 
Marvin R. Houck 
John H. Judson 
Max Koenigsberg 
E. W. Lacy, Jr. 
Ila M. Malzone 
Robert H. Mitchell 
Richard C. Neale 
Frank N. Pole 

Spotswood Robins 
Leroy Smith 
Jack Jay Stark 
I. Ewen Taylor 
Lewis S. Trostler 
Thomas U. Vermillion 
Walter E. Vermilya 
Charles W. Warren 
George A. Welchons 
R. B. Woodhull 

Living 21 Voting 9 43% 
Jack J. Goldman 
Samuel P. Kayne 
Thomas E. Martin 
Preston Miller 
Coyte R. Minges 
Nathan Neyman 
Arthur Siegel 
Glenn M. Spitler 
Herbert Tobias 

Living 10 Voting 4 40% 
J. M. Early 
Floyd H. Garland 
Jack P. Maddex 
W. A. Ransone, Jr. 


Living 72 Voting 23 32% 

K. N. Bryne 

David T. Carr 

Delores Mendez Cashion 

Mary Louise Clark 

John P. Eastham 

S. R. Gillespie 

W. G. Hardy 

John B. Holt 

William B. Hoover 

John Paul Jones 

V. Clifton Lanier 
Louis Lipman 
Elmer McGraw 
Julien H. Meyer 
Richard A. Michaux 
Richard N. O'Dell 
Margaret A. Pennington 
W. A. Pennington 
E. A. Pushkin 
Eli A. Rosen 
J. J. Snyder 
Christine Thelen 
Roger S. Williams 

Living 22 Voting 9 41 % 
Samuel E. Buxton, Jr. 
M. J. Connell, Jr. 
Stephen F. Gutowski 
I. Michael Harris 
Woodrow C. Henderson 
Thomas M. Hunter 
Alexander L. Martone 
E. W. Poyne 
Norman G. Sedel 

Living 19 Voting 6 31 % 
John W. Courtney, Jr. 
Jacob H. Fratkin 
William W. Glick 
John Ray Hurt 
William P. Lewis 
Max L. Plotkin 


• ing 

Living 25 Voting 1 4% 

Margaret M. Price 
Medical Technology 

Living 4 Voting 2 50% 

Louise Carden 
Joan E. Tubbs 

Living 68 Voting 31 46% 

Russell N. Carrier 
Julius F. Chairsell 
Phillips L. Claud 
David M. Cogdell 
W. Henry Copley 
Samuel S. DuPuy 
Garland Dyches 
Ira C. Evans 
George S. Fultz, Jr. 
Edward E. Haddock 
Archie A. Hoffman 
Albert W. Holmes 
Jacob C. Huffman 
Charles F. James, Jr. 
Sidney L. Lang 
W. G. Lewis 
Carl S. Lingomfelter, Jr. 
M. Everett McRae 
Sidney G. Page, Jr. 
Henkel M. Price 
Claudio Rodriguez 
Herbert G. Ruffin 
Eorl S. Scott 
W. W. Scott 
Edward G. Sharp 
Otto S. Steinreich 
W. T. Thompson, Jr. 
Gilman R. Tyler 
Annie Louise Wilkerson 
George H. Williams 
William H. Woodson 

Living 14 Voting 6 43% 
Ernest L. Bayton, Jr. 
P. N. Davis, Jr. 
Sanford A. Lipford 
M. Milton Neale 

A. G. Orphanidys 
William H. Traynham, Jr. 
Living 19 Voting 11 58% 

George E. Barrow, III 
D. D. Cockerham 
Willis J. Comstock 
Herald Edds 
W. W. Gray 
James F. Hollenbeck 
Stanley H. Jewell 
William H. Joyner 
A. Ralph Martin 
Pearl E. Martin 
Robert L. Richardson 


Living 57 Voting 22 39% 

Guy H. Branaman 
A. L. Cannon 
Beverley B. Clary 
Jose D. Coll 
Dewitt C. Daughtry 
Thomas H. S. Ely 
Sidney J. Hellman 
Marion F. Jorrett 
Saul Krugman 
Annie B. Logrippo 
Robert C. Longan 
Carl Manuta 
Frederick G. McConnell 
Buford W. McNeer 
Harold I. Nemuth 
Maurice E. B. Owens, Jr. 
James E. Parkinson 
John L. Patterson 
William M. Smethie 
John E. Stone 
Harry A. Tubbs 
George D. Vaughan 



Medical College of Virginia Hospital 

Memorial Hospital 

Saint Philip Hospital 

Ennion G. Williams Hospital 

(Operated jointly with the State Health Department) 

A. D. Williams Memorial Clinic 

(Outpatient Department) 

To preserve and restore health To seek the cause and cure of disease 

To educate those who would serve humanity 




C. Bemis Hall 

Estill L. Caudill, Jr. 

James N. Rhodes 

L. D. Jones 

Living 30 Voting 10 


Richard K. Hanifan 

Robert S. Faircloth 

Martin Soger 

Frank D. Lawrence 

Ulpian G. Bradenham 

Milton J. Hoover, Jr 

Mary V. Gallagher 

W. Roy Smith 

E. Carlyle Phillips 

Walter H. Carr 

John F. C. Hunter 

A. Broaddus Gravatt, Jr. 

John O. Wallace 

William H. Thompson 

M. O. Fox 

Gus T. Kerhulas 

Julius C. Hulcher 



Raymond L. Hensley 

Edward L. King 

William Russell Jones, Jr. 

Living 33 Voting 



Living 34 Voting 7 21 % 

Jack C. Kanter 

Evelyn A. Meadows 

Charles B. Keppler 

Bonnie P. Chitwood 

Mary Esther Cibula 

Robert L. Mason 

A. J. Ochsner 

Arthur A. Kirk 

Idell M. McElrath 

Aileen D. Hagood 

H. Shepard Moon 

Morris H. O'Dell 

Sidney Lyons 

Betty Hall Ward 

Margaret A. Robertson 

J. Weaver Reed 

Glenn F. Palmer 

J. David Markham 

Josephine W. Shultz 

Charles M. Rosa 

Joseph C. Parker 

John J. Marsella 


Bessie C. Spivey 

James T. Thomas 

Elmer S. Robertson 

L. M. Mason 


Blanche A. Stephens 


Benjamin Rosenberg 

Percy J. McElrath, Jr. 

Living 60 Voting 

17 28% 

Elizabeth T. Topping 

Living 23 Voting 9 


James E. Spargo, Jr 

Donald S. Morris 

George K. Brooks, Jr 

Sidney A. Hirsch 

John T. Walke 

Maurice R. Nance 

James W. Choate 

1943 MARCH 

James T. Holmes 


M. Jane Page 

G. F. Dederick, Jr. 


Roderick L. Lucas 

Living 23 Voting 



Carl P. Parker 

Edward J. Evans 

Living 65 Voting 23 35% 

A. P. Mehfoud 

J. B. Early, Jr. 

Luke W. Query, Jr. 

Donald R. Gilbert 

Leslie E. Banks 

Charles Patterson 

Harold A. Epstein 

Fletcher L. Raiford 

Ansel Lipman 

Charles P. Blunt 

L. A. Shepherd 

Raymond A. Holcom 


W. H. Rardin 

Fred D. Maphis, Jr. 

Charles W. Byrd 

Jonah Slipow 

Winfree Hughes 

James S. Rhodes, Jr. 

Rutherford D. Neal 

Robert E. Carr 

J. Muriel Wilkerson 

W. Yotes League 

John Edgar Stevens 

Oscar L. Ramsey 

Stuart H. Catron, Jr. 

Emily H. Williams 

E. Y. Lovelace, Jr. 

George A. Stewart 

Thomas B. Smith 

James L. Chitwood 


Robert 1. Miles 

Adney K. Sutphin 

Catherine Stoeckel 

Custis L. Coleman 

Living 37 Voting 

1 3% 

Maurice E. Newton 

Julian A. White 

Evelyn L. Stull 

William J. Frohbose 

Frances W. Etheridge 


John S. Williams 

J. A. Thompson, Jr. 

William S. Grizzard 

Living 1 2 Voting 



William A. Woolner 

Maurice S. Vitsky 

George L. Grubb 


Boyd S. Clements 

Abraham Zies 

O. W. Ward, Jr. 

William J. Hagood, Jr. 


James H. O'Brien, J 


Herbert F. Webb 

Melvin B. Lamberth 

Living 57 Voting 28 



Living 33 Voting 8 24% 

David C. Whitehead 

Francis B. Lee 

Olivia Abernethy 

Living 30 Voting 



David Bear 


John S. Morris, Jr. 

Oscar Aguilo 

Zaida K. Neal 

Margaret C. Draffin 

Living 31 Voting 



Lucille S. Richardson 

C. Sherrill Armentrout 

Annie H. Ozlin 

William C. Draffin 

David M. Alexander 

Charles R. Riley 

Richard P. Bellaire 

Alberto C. Rawchuc 


Charles R. Guthrie, Jr. 

Philip W. Handy 

Norman Rosenthal 

Vernon M. Bryant 

Bernie M. Sullivan 

Wesley B. Jones 

Frederick W. Hines 

Leroy S. Safian 

Galen G. Craun 

Hume S. Powell 

Cyril R. Mirmelstein 

John S. Shaffer 

Arthur B. Croom 


Charles R. Richard 

Orville O. Van Duse 


James Avon Smith 

Dorothy Fisher 


John G. Wall 

Rupert S. Walker 

Russell N. Sneod 

Herman J. Flax 

Living 70 Voting 

32 46 % 


M. E. Woody, Jr. 

Wiley B. Trivett, Jr. 

Leonard Galbraith 

Ernest B. Agee, Jr. 

Living 25 Voting 7 28% 

Robert E. Woolwine 


Herbert L. Warres 

Robert S. Gatherum, Jr 

Charles Baldini, Jr. 

W. Russell Glover 



John F. Gibson, Jr. 

Bradford S. Bennett 

Alden S. Hankla 

Living 21 Voting 



Living 25 Voting 4 16% 

Josefina Guarch 

Frank N. Buck, Jr. 

C. V. Montgomery, Jr. 

J. O. Hubbard 

A. Robert Anderson, Jr. 

Nearby and Neighborly 

Q -.1 k»,»i 

Convenience— your convenience— that's the reason for The Bank of Virginia 
facility here at MCV, in the Social Center Building, just minutes away from 
your work or study. 

Another convenience feature: we maintain offices in six principal Virginia 
cities, 13 in the Richmond area alone. Your account with The Bank of 
Virginia at MCV entitles you to all services of this statewide bank at other 
locations as well. 

Serving Virginians is our business— and our pleasure. We're especially 
pleased to be able to serve staff, students and patients of Medical College 
through our facility in the Social Center Building. Bank and enjoy it at 
The Bank of Virginia. You're always welcome. 


Member Federal Reserve System • Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 



A. J. Fressola 
J. Henry Ligon, Jr. 
Samuel C. Patreson 

Living 18 Voting 4 22% 
Walter M. Allen 
Robert P. Kent 
Clarke T. Richardson 
Floyd A. Robertson, Jr. 

Living 37 Voting 5 14% 
L. Frances Gordon 
Evelyn F. Laupus 
Dorsye Russell 
Edith West 
Pearl S. Wolfe 


Living 71 Voting 32 45% 
Richard A. Bagby 
Wilbur J. Baggs 
Robert H. Barnes 
Ellsworth F. Cale 
Fay Carmines 
David D. Dexter 
Milton Ende 
Henry E. Ernst 
Eugene Freundlich 
James C. Gale 
Thomas V. Goode, Jr. 
Owen Gwathmey 
G. Watson James, III 
A. C. Johnson 
Sarah H. Jones 
William R. Kay 
Frank R. Kelly, Jr. 
Otis E. Linkous, Jr. 
Fred C. McColl 
Shirley S. Martin 
Frank F. Merker 
W. W. Mills 
Ruth O'Neal 
Charles H. Rawls 
William H. ReMine, Jr. 
Ashby T. Richards 
Bill B. Richmond 
Donald C. Schweizer 
John H. Sproles 
Jay Stoeckel 
George Vranian 
Harold E. Wolfe 

Living 26 Voting 7 27% 
Richard B. Barrick 
Thomas J. Fitzgerald 
R. L. Holle 
William J. Longan 
Henry Nakdimen 
George B. Richardson 
Robert W. Turner 

Living 9 Voting 3 33% 
Stanley A. Greenbaum 
Jean W. Payne 
Jack N. Williams 

Living 77 Voting 25 32% 

Rufus P. Ellett, Jr. 
Cecil G. Finney 
Merritt W. Foster, Jr. 
Claude A. Frazier 
Herbert W. Frostick 
E. C. Garber, Jr. 
A. Lawson Hardie, Jr. 
Gordon F. Harrell 
Charles D. Houck 
Thomas C. Iden 
Margueritte E. Kersey 
William W. Kersey 
Herman M. Kunkle 
J. W. Lambdin 
S. W. Lippincott 


Martin Markowitz 
Edward N. Moxwell 
William P. Morrissette 
Marcus Nakdimen 
Roy T. Parker 
Nelson S. Payne 
Marion L. Rice, Jr. 
Robert G. Schultz 
Richard D. Turin 
John B. Walker, Jr. 

Living 30 Voting 9 30% 
William Ackerman 
Herbert H. Bonnie 
Walter H. Dickey 

Boyd Clark Getty 

Ira Gould 

Irwin Heyman 

Howard C. Mirmelstein 

Elton P. Rosenblatt 

Frank H. Walker 

Living 53 Voting 6 1 1 % 

Dorothy B. Berk 

Joan Eanes 

Katherine D. Edwards 

Edna R. Oppenheim 

Mary R. Vose 

Virginia G. Wessells 


Living 11 Voting 1 9% 

Hannah R. Sanger 

Living 90 Voting 34 38 % 

Frank M. Booth, Jr. 

Raymond S. Brown 

William M. Bruch 

Walter E. Bundy, Jr. 

John W. Compton, Jr. 

William E. Copeland 

G. E. Cox 

James L. Dellinger 

Willard M. Fitch 

G. D. Hayden 

Larry A. High 

William H. Huffstetler, Jr. 

George R. Jones 

Alfred Joseph 

Edwin J. Kamons 

Frederick V. Lilly 

Mann T. Lowry 

John J. Marra 

A. A. McLean 

Herman M. Nachman 

Elliot M. Namay 

Albert J. Paine 

W. G. Painter 

Abraham Perlman 

M. W. Phillips 

Robert R. Rector 

Harvey R. St. Clair 

Roy B. Sampson 

William H. Shaia 

Ramon M. Suarez, Jr. 

Archie C. Thompson 

Forrest P. White 

Earl E. Wilkison 

GeorgeA Zirkle, Jr. 

Living 37 Voting 7 19% 

James E. Graham, Jr. 

James A. Harrell 

Edgar F. Jessee 

Roy A. Miller, Jr. 

Morton A. Paret 

Edward D. Risdon 

Martin Sheintoch 



Living 3 Voting 1 33 % 

Louise F. Simpson 

Living 39 Voting 1 3% 

Eleanor S. Carson 


Living 12 Voting 1 8% 

Elsie Hooker 

Living 88 Voting 36 41 % 

Richard N. Baylor 
R. E. Berman 
James H. Bocock 
Charles H. Brant 
James W. Brooks 
M. G. Burdette 
Rowland H. Burns 
Claude C. Coleman, Jr. 
William E. Copenhaver 
Rafael Cuevas-Zamora 
Wyson Curry, Jr. 
Albert H. Dudley 
David M. Dumville 
Edward M. Eppes, III 
John R. Fitzgerald 
John A. Gill 
Jack Freund 
Rupert S. Hughes 
George W. Hurt 

Randolph M. Jackson 

James W. Johnston 

C. Sidney King 

Charles E. Llewellyn 

J. D. Mathias 

Alvin B. H. Mirmelstein 

Robert P. Moore 

Richard C. Reed 

Paul A. Robinson 

Jack J. Schwartz 

Robert L. Sommerville 

R. E. Stone 

Isabel Taliaferro 

Clayton L. Thomas 

Franklin C. Turner 

C. Newton Van Horn 

Richard K. Williams 

Living 29 Voting 2 7% 

Gladstone M. Hill 

John J. Richardson 

Living 49 Voting 3 6% 

Emily L. Cassity 

Marye H. Marks 

Frances B. Holsinger 

Living 78 Voting 28 36% 

Franklin L. Angell 
C. Whitney Caulkins, Jr. 
Wayne W. Dutton 
Norman Ende 
Milton D. Friedenberg 
David J. Greenberg 
Douglass O. Hill 
J. Edward Hill 
Jerome Imburg 
George R. Krupp 
Robert Q. Marston 
B. J. McClanahan 
William W. McClure 
Joseph W. Milam 
Philip L. Minor 
Lloyd L. Olsen 
Robert E. Paine, Jr. 
Francis R. Payne, Jr. 
Forrest W. Pitts 
William W. Quisenberry 
Ralph S. Riffenburgh 
Jay E. Rogers, Jr. 
Joseph A. Solomon 
James A. Thompson 
John Wesley Todd, III 
Carl C. Tully 
Harold E. Wilkins 
L. Mildred Williams 

Living 34 Voting 7 21 % 

John R. Carson, Jr. 
Fred B. Cornett 
Charles R. Crews 
Willie D. Crockett 
Walter M. Ormes, Jr. 
John A. Pastore 
Lackey B. Peeler 

Living 25 Voting 6 24% 
Anne G. Durkin 
Thomas W. Eppes 
Edith M. Moses 
Russell E. Simpson, Jr. 
James E. Smith 
J. T. Thompson, Jr. 

Living 55 Voting 6 1 1 % 
Betty S. Brown 
Jennie K. Caulkins 
Eloise W. Gilmore 
Lucie K. Latimer 
Jane M. Light 
Virginia L. Williams 
Physical Therapy 

Living 42 Voting 1 2 % 
Emma G. Robinson 
X-ray Technology 

Living 1 2 Voting 1 8 % 
Quetita Miro 

Living 85 Voting 40 47% 

Wilbur F. Amonette 
Doris A. Berlin 
Arthur K. Black 
Henry A. Bullock, Jr. 
Ernest T. Cobb 
Vernon L. Cofer, Jr. 
Lee Roy Conn 
J. M. Damron 
Conley L. Edwards, Jr. 
Roy A. Edwards 
George F. Elsasser 
Rufus S. Gardner, Jr. 
Paul E. Gordon 
Charles G. Guttas 
Thomas B. Hardmon 
Leonard P. Hudnall 
W. Robert Irby 
Charles D. Jordan 
S. Ben Judy 
Richard H. Kirkland 
Corl H. Laestar 
T. Stacy Lloyd, Jr. 
Alvin P. Long, Jr. 
Ewing W. McPherson 
Arthur G. Meakin 
Robert W. Moseley 
Thomas H. Moseley 
William A. Niemann 
William H. Pate 
Robert E. Richard 
Lucius W. Roberts, Jr. 
W. L. Roberson 
Henry P. Royster 
Thomas A. Saunders 
Oscar O. Smith, Jr. 
Elizabeth C. Strawinsky 
John L. Whaley 
Ann Hardy Williams 
Charles Lee Williams 
Charles M. Zacharias 

Living 36 Voting 6 17% 
Ernest S. Benson 
Clarence R. Boyd 
Lonnie B. Dickens, Jr. 
William H. Fitzgerald 
William H. Johnson 
James R. Turnage 

Living 12 Voting 3 25% 

C. A. Moses 
L. R. Shadwell, Jr. 
Louis C. Smith, Jr. 

Living 52 Voting 1 2% 
Faye H. Starr 

Living 67 Voting 26 39% 

Leo Blank 
Arnold L. Brown 
Wiley H. Cozart 
Joseph G. Doboy 
Frank A. Gonzalez 
Robert E. Holzgrafe 
Herbert C. Hoover 
Beverly Jones 
Harold O. Kamons 
Ulric J. Laquer 
Suzanne B. Little 
Philip London 
Joseph H. Masters 
William B. Moncure 
John H. Moon 
Harry Nenni 
Heth Owen, Jr. 
David S. Palmstrom 
Stanley S. Simon 
Ralph J. Stalter 
Robert G. Stineman 
Charles G. Thompson 
Johh L. Thornton, III 
W. T. Walker 
W. Warren Walthall, Jr. 
William O. Winston 

Living 28 Voting 7 25% 
George H. Barnett 
Ralph L. Crabill 
H. B. Field 
Ben M. Hiner 
James O. Hodgkin, III 
Charles H. Sugg 
J. Frank Thomason 

Living 34 Voting 1 3% 
Harry W. Fugate 
Robert A. Garland 
Frank G. Johnson 
John E. Marks 
Montague C. Marshall, Jr. 
Richard E. Marshall 
Thomas F. Marshall, Jr. 
A. B. Motley, Jr. 
Robert E. Plott 
George J. Savage, Jr. 
Fred Collidge Smith 
Forrest B. Voight, Jr. 
Wallace F. Whitmore 

Living 34 Voting 1 3% 
Arline R. Harris 

Living 88 Voting 43 49% 

Robert A. Abernathy, Jr. 
W. B. Adams 
William M. Bangel 
Wyndham B. Blanton, Jr. 
Russell V. Bowers 
George M. Bullard 
Robert T. Cauthorne 
Thornton R. Cleek 
M. Cade Covington 
Evelyn P. Daniel 
Griffith B. Daniel 
Alberto M. Dominquez 
David C. Forrest 
Charles Garrett, Jr. 
John T. Glick, Jr. 


Florine Hampton 
Word Harshbarger, Jr. 
Thomas B. Hedrick 
Russell E. Herring, Jr. 
James R. Holsinger 
Eileen T. Jennings 
William H. Johnson 
James Laster 
Margaret L. Masters 
E. E. Mihalyka 
E. A. Morgan, Jr. 
Donald S. Myers 
Mathew E. O'Keefe, Jr. 
John W. Painter 
John W. Powell 
Irma H. Rivera 
John B. Rose, Jr. 
Lee W. Shaffer, Jr. 
Robert D. Shreve 
Donald. G. Siegel 
Mary Z. Skorapa 
Joseph A. Smith 
Lawrence O. Snead, Jr. 
Archie C. Stanton, Jr. 
Thomas W. Tusing 
Allan M. Unger 
Leroy Webb 
Jay N. Wemple 

living 46 Voting 15 33% 
Marvin W. Aldridge 
James E. Cannon, Jr. 
John S. Dilday 
Lewis D. Johnston 
Max Largent 
Virgil H. Marshall 
Lawrence G. Mathews 
Vernon S. Nicholson 
Woodrow W. Poss 
Claude D. Richardson, Jr. 
William A. Stokes 
Harding L. Thomas 

Vincent S. Tiller 
James G. Weddle, Jr. 
Hugh O. Wrenn 

Living 52 Voting 13 25% 
M. Lee Baker 
Thomas E. Bruce, Jr. 
Corl R. Christensen 
William E. Hemby 
A. K. Kittinger 
Lester F. Linthicum 
John J. Minohon, Jr. 
Roy A. Moon 
Hugh A. Morse, Jr. 
Edwin A. Myrick 
Eugene V. White 
Hiram H. Whitehead 
Samuel W. Wilkinson 

Living 40 Voting 4 10% 
Frances R. Fernandez 
Jeanette W. Howard 
Mary W. Stanford 
Agnes S. Yore 
Physical Therapy 

Living 49 Voting 1 2 % 
Barbara E. Teasdole 

Living 95 Voting 33 35% 

Joseph H. Britton 
John D. French 
William C. Grigsby 
Frederick A. Gunion 
Luther J. Harriett 
A. Epes Harris, Jr. 
Lewis B. Hasty 
Norman N. Hill 
William J. Hotchkiss 
Thomas A. Jennings 
Walter S. Jennings 

Ernest J. Keffer, Jr. 
Louis H. Keffer 
Joseph J. Lindley 
H. Reese Little, Jr. 
V. A. Marks 
Joseph E. Mathias 
Thomas D. McCahill 
Erma M. McGuire 
Joseph F. McGuire 
Francis H. McMullan 
Brooke M. Moffett 
W. E. Newby 
Levi Old, Jr. 
Robert M. Phillips 
Charles L. Randolph, Jr. 
Carl J. Roncaglione 
Bernard M. Savage 
Norman R. Tingle 
Jesse M. Tucker 
Albert J. Wasserman 
Julian Weinstein 
Yale H. Zimberg 

Living 44 Voting 8 18% 
Thomas W. Armstrong, Jr. 
Rudolph H. Bruni, Jr. 
William M. Ditto 
Eugene Eskey, Jr. 
Robert P. Fultz 
Carlton E. Gregory 
William G. Martin 
Howard B. Watkins 

Living 51 Voting 9 18% 
Carl E. Bain 
Daniel N. Hamilton 
T. H. Holland 
George J. Janosik 
Wallace Klein 
Gordon F. Martens 
Benjamin W. Powell 
Thomas J. Robertson 

John M. Tabb 

Living 46 Voting 3 6% 

Mae Belle Lee 
Mary W. Rebman 
Loretta F. Whanger 
Hospital Administration 

Living 22 Voting 6 27% 
Nathan Bushnell, III 
James E. Case 
John C. Hess 
C. D. Jenkins 
Barrington Kinnard 
Joseph S. Stubbs 
Physical Therapy 

Living 43 Voting 1 2% 
M. D. Bates 

Living 101 Voting 37 37% 

William C. Amos, Jr. 
George E. Arrington 
William M. Atkins 
David W. Branch 
David M. Brillhart 
John F. Butterworth, III 
Jean P. Cavender 
Jerrill D. Cavender 
Gene Clapsaddle 
Kenneth D. Crippen 
Frank A. Hamilton, Jr. 
Asel P. Hatfield 
Kenneth M. Heatwole 
William E. Holladay, Jr. 
Harry H. Howren 
George H. Hull 
Juan F. Jimenez 
Emily E. Jones 
James B. Kegley, Jr. 
Earle J. Kerpleman 
C. M. Keys 

Jack A. Lawson 
Bernard H. Miller 
John A. Murray 
Thomas P. Overton 
Bernard L. Patterson 
Harvey P. Rawls 
F. A. Reda, Jr. 
Thomas W. Sale, Jr. 
William A. Shelton 
George O. Shipp 
Peter W. Squire 
George F. Tucker 
Thomas W. Turner 
George A. Weimer 
Louis R. Wilkerson 
Frank Q. Wingfield, Jr. 

Living 48 Voting 8 17% 
C. L. Baltimore 
F. Allen Cavedo, Jr. 
Jack W. Chevalier 
Bruce H. Donald, Jr. 
James J. Elliott 
Kenneth S. Gusler 
T. O. Layman 
James E. Rayhorn 

Living 44 Voting 8 18% 
Kenneth E. Conner 
John Giragosian 
Greer P. Jackson 
Charles P. Mangano 
Nick G. Nicholas 
Sandra S. Orr 
M. Blair Robertson 
Sylvester R. Sink, Jr. 

Living 59 Voting 3 5 % 
Emily H. Baxter 
Dot F. Garber 
Mae W. Shehee 






Medical Director 


Assistant Medical Director 





A private psychiatric hospital employing modern 
diagnostic and treatment procedures— electro shock, 
insulin, psychotherapy, occupational and recrea- 
tional therapy— for nervous and mental disorders 
and problems of addiction. 

Brochure of Literature and Views Sent On Request 
P. O. Box 1514 Phone EL 9-5701 



Hospital Administration 
Living 7 Voting 5 71 % 

William M. Bucher 
Hunter A. Grumbles 
John F. Harlan, Jr. 
William R. Reid 
Richard B. Kemp 
Physical Therapy 

Living 6 Voting 1 17% 
.Ruth M. Latimer 


Living 97 Voting 41 42 % 
Simeon H. Adams 
Wesley C. Bernhart 
Dudley E. Brown, Jr. 
Herman W. Brubaker 
Baxter H. Byerly 
Catherine E. Craun 
Donald E. Cunningham 
Cecil F. Evans, Jr. 
William P. Fletcher 
Allan L. Forbes 
William N. Gee, Jr. 
Frederick T. Given, Jr. 
Ota T. Graham, Jr. 
Julius Griffin 
Warren Hagood 
Ernest C. Hermann 
F. V. Hodges 
farrar W. Howard 
Robert O. Hudgens 
M. G. Martin 
Harvey E. Melton 
Samuel S. Morrison 
George Naymick 
Ross W. Orr, Jr. 
Mary D. Brown Pryor 
Jean F. Ragsdale 
John Rebman, III 
Charles W. Richardson 
Julie M. Sanford 
Richard H. Smith, Jr. 
Henry S. Spencer 
Walter J. Stanford 
Thomas P. Stratford 
Paul A. Tanner, Jr. 
Terry F. Tanner 
William G. Tarry, Jr. 
Charles G. Thedieck 
Charles J. Townsend 
John W. Watson 
William G. Way 
W. Wilson Wren 

Living 50 Voting 7 14% 

Donald S. Brown 
Richard T. Bruce, Jr. 
Robert T. Edwards 
William L. Major 
Philip B. Peters 
Frederick C. Shaw 
Thomas G. Warrick 

Living 55 Voting 8 15% 

Robert W. Clyburn 
Edgar E. Crockett 
S. Wallace Cundiff 
Norman L. Hilliard 
Gerald A. Maxey 
James V. Morgan 
James F. Poole 
Harry E. Thompson 


Living 51 Voting 1 2% 

Frances T. Brown 

Hospital Administration 
Living 7 Voting 2 29% 

Thomas J. Curtis 
Thomas W. Leggett 


Living 98 Voting 29 30% 

Donald L. Baxter 
Baxter I. Bell, Jr. 
Robert R. Bender 
Charles D. Burch, III 
Paul M. Burd 
Hall G. Canter 
Waverly M. Cole 
Lawrence S. Cowling 
James F. Crosby 
Leonard L. Davis, Jr. 
J. Tom Edmonds 
Sarah E. Forbes 
Rudolph C. Garber, Jr. 
L. Lynton Goulder, Jr. 
William B. Hall, Jr. 
Henry T. Harrison, Jr. 
John P. Heatwole 
Freeman W. Jenretle 
Robert C. Kluge 
Charles T. Lively 
John B. Markey 
Randolph McCutcheon, Jr. 
Donald H. McNeill, Jr. 
Richard M. Newton 
Alton L. Powell, III 
Paul H. Schellenberg 
Williom T. Stuart, Jr. 
Frances S. A. Williams 
Ohlen R. Wilson 

Living 50 Voting 14 28% 
Charles E. Barr 
Lewis R. Belote 
Byard S. Deputy 
Nicos G. Georgiades 
H. P. Graham 
G. E. Gurganus 
M. C. Harrell 
John J. Jobe, III 
Robert A. McDonald 
Harry L. Mears, Jr. 
John A. Morris 
Joseph F. Outten 
Perry N. Trakas 
Peter S. Yeatras 

Living 48 Voting 10 21 % 
N. C. Boone, Jr. 
I. B. Brown 
R. O. Edds 
Graham E. Hendley 
Samuel H. Kalman 
Everett F. Kohne 
Robert S. Lawrence 
Stanley P. Leicester 
Dan M. Myers 
Richard M. Peatross, Jr. 

Living 47 Voting 3 6% 
Elizabeth A. Boyer 
Edna B. Giroir 
Mary Jane M. Kroncke 
Hospital Administration 

Living 10 Voting 8 80% 
Richard B. Anderson 
Richard Brooke, Jr. 
Curtis A. Clayton 
Paul F. Flanagan 
Charles L. Gwinn 
Joseph H. James, Jr. 
Jesse W. Reel 
Warren E. Stearns 



Living 100 Voting 18 18% 

Steven J. Abramedis 
John A. Board 
J. David Bradford 
William A. Cassada, Jr. 
Arthur B. Frazier 

Nancy M. Garrett 
Jack S. Garrison 
Donald R. Holsinger 
Robert H. Hux 
Harry L. Kraus 
Willard E. Lee, Jr. 
Edward C. Paarfus 
Robert G. Proctor 
James T. Robinson 
Marian C. Waddel 
Arlie H. Westfall 
Milton Wigod 
R. Lewis Wright 

Living 51 Voting 8 15% 
Robert B. Drake 
Roy H. Jones 
Eugene L. Kanter 
John P. Morris 
F. D. Morse, Jr. 
I. Slaydon Myers 
Joseph A. Vejardi, Jr. 
W. Nelson Worrell 

Living 42 Voting 8 19% 
Thomas B. Boyette 
James K. Brady 
Leslie F. Marsh 
Spencer L. Moffett 
James W. Patterson 
N. H. Pearson, Jr. 
Daniel D. Secrist, Jr. 
Luke M. Stephens 
Hospital Administration 

Living 9 Voting 7 77% 
Paul N. Bridge 
John L. Freeland 
Kenneth L. Gallier 
Stanley F. Gumerlock, Jr. 
Charles L. Hite 
Franklin J. Lawson 
Charles T. Wood 


Living 97 Voting 27 28 % 

Gilbert P. Blankenship 
Robert R. Bowen 
William B. Brown 
Roderick A. Comunale 
Tony Constant 
Freeman Epes 
Andrew M. Fekete 
Hugh E. Fraser, Jr. 
Lester L. Gillespie 
C. K. Glover 
John R. Good 
P. G. Gregoriou 
R. Page Hudson, Jr. 
E. Sidney Hunter, Jr. 
Marvon A. Krone 
William J. Lawson 
Charles H. Moseley, Jr. 
S. N. Ransone 
Louis J. Read 
Rosemary F. Schellenberg 
David J. Skewes 
Paulus C. Taylor 
James E. Temple 
Doris A. Thurman 
W. A. Thurman, Jr. 
Raymond D. Wallace, Jr. 
Harriet E. Wood 

Living 47 Voting 12 26% 
Charles B. Barnett 
Louis C. Blazek 
Richard D. Collier 
W. W. Crittenden, Jr. 
C. D. King 
J. B. Lapentina 
Paul M. March 
P. L. McBride, Jr. 
W. L. Pratt 

L. B. Sheppard 
N. Shreve Spitler 
J. Marion Woolard 

Living 48 Voting 8 17% 
Henry C. Brown, Jr. 
Edwin L. Burnette 
Sydney Clement 
Gilbert P. Grossman 
Philip J. Leibowitz 
Philip B. May 
Barbara Morgan 
James P. Roberts 

Ben Underwood 
David G. Williarr 

on, Jr 


Living 97 Voting 1 5 1 5 % 

James P. Baker 




Living 23 Voting 4 17% 

Katherine Bobbitt 
Sally S. Hudson 
Janet H. Locklear 
Eleanor Moser 
Hospital Administration 

Living 12 Voting 4 33% 
John C. Blankenbeckler 
Carl S. Napps 
Joseph E. Perry, Jr. 
Sidney A. Krukin 


Living 95 Voting 21 22% 

Jack P. Andrews 
Bruce A. Baber 
S. Joseph Bailey 
Charles L. Baird, Jr. 
Wilbur J. Blechman 
J. H. Caricofe 
Elizabeth R. Carmichael 
Walter F. Green, III 
Robert F. Haden 
William H. Hark 
Charles W. Kinzer 
Gordon L. Mason 
Ronald E. Miller 
John M. Quqrles 
Richard L. Relyea 
Thomas J. Schermerhorn 
Teresa Silverman 
Paul E. Totten 
Earl E. Virts, Jr. 
Fred W. Wampler 
Ruth F. Williams 

Living 51 Voting 8 16% 
J. M. Adair 
Dick J. Ajalat 
Fred G. Alouf, Jr. 
Calvin L. Belkov 
Hubert E. Kiser, Jr. 
Melvin R. Morrison 
William C. Williams 
Robert C. Woods 

Living 50 Voting 1 1 22 % 
John L. Butler 
Sam W. Crickenberger 
Robert L. Geil 
Richard M. Geoghegan 
Frank Grossman 
Barry Holbert 
Walter R. Jones 
Earl A. Kite, Jr. 
Conway Stanley 
Robert S. Stiff 
George H. Wood, Jr. 

Living 31 Voting 5 16% 
Patricia B. Brown 
Jean B. Finley 
Janice G. Proctor 
Shirley P. Shull 
Ann R. Yankovich 
Hospital Administration 

Living 10 Voting 4 40% 
Robert E. Cundiff 
Ernest T. Sheen 

Joseph T. Bones 
James L. Ferrell 
Albert A. Fratrick 
Robert W. Fry 

A. Ray Goodwin 
William E. Hale 
Robert D. Hess 
Claude K. Hylton 
William D. Lilly 
John A. Mathews 
Robert B. Scott 
Vivian M. Wilkerson 
Robert W. Woodhouse, III 

Living 53 Voting 11 21% 
James A. Boyd 
Donald A. Brunton, Jr. 
William S. Dodson 
Llewellyn T. Flippen 
Gordon A. Hearne 
Robert M. Lawrence, Jr. 
William K. Lennon 
Bennett Malbon 
George R. McGuire 
Harold P. Remines 
Howard A. Woolwine 

Living 59 Voting 5 8 % 
Edward M. Durand 
Frank K. Harris 
James T. Magee, Jr. 
Marvin A. Pattashnick 
Richard B. Rice 

Living 29 Voting 7 24% 
Julia W. Hylton 
Melody J. Marshall 
Shirley H. O'Dell 
Clementine S. Pollok 
Charotte A. Sciota 
Judy A. Stoneburner 
Sylvia W. Winchester 
Hospital Administration 

Living 12 Voting 6 50% 
Elwyn L. Derring 
Constantine G. Hampers 
John D. Phillips 
Robert R. Shields 
Kenneth L. Waddell 
John D. Worley, Jr. 
Physical Therapy 

Living 31 Voting 3 10% 
Sue Harper 
Doris A. Newcome 
Gail Woodson 


Living 94 Voting 19 20% 

Spencer D. Albright, III 
John M. Appling 
Anne W. Board 
Gilbert H. Bryson 
Joseph C. Campbell 
Allen M. Clague, Jr. 
Charles W. Coppedge 
Duane E. Cozart 
John F. Denton 

B. B. Evans 
Charles C. Freed, Jr. 
James L. Gardner 

R. Arthur Gindin 
George M. Hosteller 
Fletcher B. Owen, Jr. 
Patrick A. Reardon 
Dudley S. Robertson, Jr. 
Daniel C. Smith 


s^^ 4 *™^** 


Whatever the cause 

belfrarb" soothes 

the agitated mind and 
calms G-l spasms 
through the 
central effect 
of phenobar- 
bital and the 
synergistic action 
of fixed proportions 
of natural belladonna 
alkaloids on the 
G-l tract. 

Sedative— Antispasmodic 
20 years of clinical satisfaction 


Charles C 

& Company 

Richmond, Virginia 



Galen L. Wampler 
Living 62 Voting 26 42% 

Robert B. Allen 
John W. Ames, Jr. 
Carroll G. Bennett, Jr. 
Robert L. Binda 
Stephen L Bissell 
Richard E. Blanchard 
Douglas S. Bruce 
John M. Butler 
Robert W. Clements 
Robert V. Diggs 
William M. Fulgham 
William G. Hawkins 
Harry L. Hodges 
Robert D. Humphrey 
Ronald D. Jones 
Robert 5. Jordan, III 
John R. Kiser 
Antony C. Livingstone 
Thomas J. Martin 
Tilman B. Matthews, Jr. 
Gerald J. McGraw 
Thomas H. Phalen 
Madison R. Price 
Kenneth I. Psillas 
Bernard F. Smith 
David L. Via 

Living 65 Voting 18 28% 
F. Spencer Anderson, III 
Carthan F. Currin, Jr. 
Donald S. Eaton 
Joseph A. Felts 
John E. Foster 
Jerry H. Galliher 
Roy L. Garrett 
Frank I. Gross 
Frank H. Hill, III 
Joe H. L. Kue 
Winston B. Lipscomb 
R. Lee Litchfield 
Forrest R. Marshall 
Richard H. Marx 
C. Gene Morelock 
Michael A. Sci.ota 
Thomas G. Skeen 
William D. Wisman 

Living 47 Voting 16 34% 
Martha P. Albright 

Susan Buie 

Doris Ann Christopher 

Jessica K. Falkos 

Leah C. Hundley 

Mary R. Jeffress 

Ethel W. Merryman 

Ella A. Moore 

Mary Lou M. Morrison 

Frances W. Pierson 

Mary S. Shafer 

Wanda K. Stallard 

Brenda K. Stubbs 

E. Anne Sullivan 

Catherine R. Utz 

Shirley F. Wampler 

Hospital Administration 
Living 15 Voting 14 93% 

Edward D. Bennett 

Warren R. Betts 

Howard Colon 

Garland E. Evers 

William D. Gibson 

Robert M. Holthouser 

John R. McKinney 

Frank O. Salt 

John N. Simpson 

William A. Smith, Jr. 

Lawrence R. Snead, Jr. 

J. Crenshaw Thompson 

John H. Tobin, Jr. 

Samuel T. Waddell, Jr. 


Physical Therapy 
Living 14 Voting 1 7% 

Gail F. Neal 

Living 95 Voting 10 10% 

Frank E. Gemma 
James A. Hagy 
Gus V. Jackson, Jr. 
Carolyn W. Martin 
J. Lee Mathews, Jr. 
Eugene M. Newman 
John A. Rawls 
William L. Robbins, Jr. 
Sidney R. Sewell 
James R. Wickham 

Living 70 Voting 28 40% 
William E. Avant 
Edmund G. Barron 
Charles A. Brown 
Stanton K. Calhoun 
Ronald M. Cantor 

B. Barham Dodson 
John W. Duncan 
John R. Eshleman 
Elmer O. Fisher, Jr. 
Bruce T. Garratt 
Richard K. Green 
Barnett K. Haley, Jr. 
Robert F. Harman 
Hubert E. Heiden 
John R. Hubbard 

E. Raymond Hudson, Jr. 
Robert W. Humphrey 
Robert R. Keen 
Bruce I. Longman 
Thomas G. Luckam 
John S. Mason 
Reuben G. McCracken 
Douglas B. Nuckles 
David R. Sipes 
James H. Smith 
Donald E. Wheless 
Jerome H. Weinstein 
William F. Wine 

Living 56 Voting 17 30% 
Donald G. Doeppe 
Jimmie L. Earles 
Jerold A. Green 

C. Reginald Hall, Jr. 
Warren E. Harrell 
Douglas Y. Hicks 
Charles N. Lukhard, Jr. 
William L. Mantlo 

R. Harry Mewborn, Jr. 
Charles B. Sadler 
Helen B. Savedge 
James W. Scott 
Robert W. Thomas, Jr. 
Arnett W. Tomey 
Eva N. Turner 
John P. Weaver 
Robert E. Willey, Jr. 



Living 31 Voting 17 55% 

Jane V. Adair 
Betsy Bampton 
Patricia Ann K. Bloxom 
Peggy A. Bohannon 
Barbara F. Brown 
Mary Jo Day 
Eleanor H. Gorrett 
Mable T. Howard 
Sallie Ann Hughes 
Mary Ellen Irwin 
Sue Lewis 

Charlotte W. Pollard 
Bell-Jo M. Rodgers 
Sharon A. Slate 
Anne B. Sydnor 

Shirley J. Thompson 
Jean M. Turner 
Hospital Administration 

Living 14 Voting 8 57% 
Joseph B. Ahlschier 
William R. Draper 
Charles L. Foster, Jr. 
Robert Johnson 
Lisle T. Lenny 
George A. Mathews 
James I. Sublet! 
Thomas G. Whedbee 
Medical Technology 

Living 26 Voting 2 6% 
Ann P. Bolick 
Frances Davis 
Physical Therapy 

Living 12 Voting 1 8% 
Barbara Lee Goodwin 

Living 89 Voting 65 73% 

Benjamin R. Allen, Jr. 
Richard H. Armstrong 
John W. Barnard 
Wyatt S. Beazley, III 
O. Riley Boone 
John D. Bower 
Charles W. Brandt 
David Brandt 
Harold W. Burnette 
C. Byrd Courtney, Jr. 
Virgil L. Curry 
William L. Curry 
Russell L. Davis, Jr. 
Wallace L. Dawson 
Edgar S. Douglas, Jr. 
Rodney G. Elliott 
Harley M. Ellman 
Leah L. Eubank 
Robert Y. Fidler 
H. Ray Finney 
Harold L. Goldberg 
Walter L. Grubb, Jr. 
Lawrence D. Hanback, Jr. 
Erwin H. Harlfinger 
John S. Harman 
Rufus O. Howard 
Thomas J. Janicki 
Benjamin N. Jones 
Margaret Z. Jones 
Harry G. Kennedy, Jr. 
Donald A. Knight 
John J. Kriz 
Joseph A. Maiolo 
Sherman Master 
Read F. McGehee, Jr. 
Robert T. Mosby, Jr. 
Burton A. Moss 
George H. Niedermayer 
Walter J. O'Donohue, Jr. 
James L. Patterson, Jr. 
Walter R. Perkins, Jr. 
Roger W. Perry, Jr. 
Charles T. Polls, Jr. 
George W. Porter, Jr. 
Curtis G. Power, Jr. 
Ramon N. Redford, Jr. 
Donald L. Reed 
William H. Reese, Jr. 
James C. Repass 
James S. Robison 
Richard B. Robins 
J. Luther Sampson, Jr. 
Donald E. Seim 
Jonathan M. Sutton 
Norman A. Templon, Jr. 
Milton R. Tignor, Jr. 
Gary M. Tolley 
John Mills Turner, III 
Rufus H. Warren 
Harry A. Wellons, Jr. 
Robert A. Whisnant, Jr. 

James W. Wotring, Jr. 
Antony A. Yurko, Jr. 

Living 72 Voting 35 48% 

William E. Aldridge 
Richard K. Ames 
Teddy E. Barker 
Samuel S. Bisese 
James D. Blankenbeckler 
James A. Booker, Jr. 
T. P. Bowe, Jr. 
Thomas E. Burke . 
Kyle W. Coffey 
Joseph Espinola, Jr. 
William H. Farthing 
Basil J-. Friend 
L. Curtis Hall, Jr. 
Earl V. Iseman 
William P. Lea, Jr. 
Louis P. Leresche 
John W. Lynn 
John A. Mclntire 
Richard C. Mariani 
William J. Maxwell, IV 
Joseph H. Morgan 
Marshall W. Morrison 
Mark N. Perlin 
Patrick T. Quisenberry 
Harold L. Ringley 
Samuel V. Russo 
Joseph K. St. Clair, Jr. 
Oscar W. Self, Jr. 
Francis W. Sheild 
Harry D. Simpson, Jr. 
George H. Sneod, Jr. 
Ernest R. Washburn 
Ben E. Wiggins, Jr. 
William S. Wood 
Lucien B. Yarbrough, Jr. 

Living 55 Voting 51 93% 

Frederick J. Allen 
Edward T. Andrews 
Howard L. Armistead, Jr. 
Walter L. Barnes, Jr. 
Archer J. Beebe 
Edward M. Blackwell 
Gerald B. Brooks 
Roy H. Browning, Jr. 
Sally R. Bundy 
Cecil K. Cadwallader 
Joseph B. Deadrick, Jr. 
Rush U. Derr 
Gregory M. Faison 
John E. Flournoy 
Ronald I. Fuller 
Donald C. Grizzard 
Frederick H. Haar 
Robert C. Hancock 
Connie B. Higginbotham 
John H. Hostetler 
Corbett R. Hyde 
Charles P. Johnston, Jr. 
Venetia M. Kue 
Armistead G. Lambert 
Joseph E. Layman, Jr. 
David B. Liebman 
Bill R. Lockhort 
Theodore J. Markow 
Patricia M. Mehaffie 
Gary S. Morelock 
William D. Morrison 
L. Thomas Murray, Jr. 
Roger D. Neathawk 
William T. Patrick, Jr. 
Carson G. Payne 
Stephen A. Scafidi 
Alvin J. Schalow, Jr. 
James E. Shelton, Jr. 
Kay P. Showalter 
Meta D. Simpson 

Ray D. Smith 
Marie M. Suyes 
Thomas B. Talamini 
William B. Tanner 
George H. Themides 
Louise A. Tucci 
Gerald Weinstein 
Thomas F. Womble, III 
Frederick R. Wright, Jr. 
James R. Wyatt, Jr. 
F. Tyler Yates 

Living 66 Voting 49 74% 

Janie B. AM 
Susie B. Berkley 
Billie J. W. Bazemore 
Mary Margaret Bean 
Shirley G. Beville 
Kitty Sue Boddie 
Gail A. Bruch 
Mable C. Cluff 
Sylvia K. Chapman 
Phyllis M. Chickos 
Kotie B. Dalton 
Lee W. DePuy 
Diana Lou Dudley 
Phyllis W. Eshleman 
Georgette M. Fridrich 
Barbara S. Guy 
Jeannette Harwell 
Judith Hawkins 
Sara S. Heller 
Kathleen K. Hinchey 
Becky Lou P. Jahnke 
Douglas G. Johnson 
Patricia A. Jones 
Elizabeth A. Kidd 
Barbara Knowles 
Barbara M. Lawrence 
Frances R. Looney 
Susan S. Lynch 
Judith E. McLemore 
Lillian E. Norris 
Mono L. Peffer 
Patricia R. Pittman 
M. Kathleen Pointer 
Sandra L. Pope 
Janet L. Pratt 
Cecile H. Reese 
Bonnie Belle Reid 
Sue G. Roberts 
Jessie S. Ryder 
Vivian W. Sawyer 
Gloria A. Simmons 
Elaine M. Stanton 
Judith W. Stevenson 
Mary Ellen Summers 
Jeanette C. Swicegood 

B. Fay Tignor 
Mary Ellen Vogel 
E. Carol Williams 
Floy G. Wyatt 

Hospital Administration 
Living 16 Voting 4 25% 

William K. Brown 
Alfred L. 'Burkholder 
William H. Green, Jr. 
G. Bruce McFadden 

Physical Therapy 

Living 13 Voting 1 8% 

Nan Elizabeth Whitlock 



Total 10 Members 7 70% 

C. P. Cardwell, Jr. 
Ebbe C. Hoff 
Carter O. Lowance 
William T. Sanger 
William F. Tompkins 
Warren E. Weaver 
Doris B. Yingling 



Like oil on troubled wafers. 


DONNATAL ELIXIR (per 5 cc.) 

Hyoscyamine Sulfate 0.1037 mg. 

Atropine Sulfate 0.0194 mg. 

Hyoscine Hydrobromide..0.0065 mg. 
Phenobarbital VA gr.).... 16.2 mg. 

(Extended Action Tablets) 
Each Extentab (equiva- 
lent to 3 Tablets) pro- 
vides sustained 1-tablet 
effects. ..evenly, for 10 to 
12 hours — all day or all 
night on a single dose. 


provides superior spasmolysis fc^ 

through provision of natural belladonna 
alkaloids in optimal ratio, with phenobarbital 


Board of Visitors 

Ernst Fischer 

Robert E. Mitchell, Jr. 

Stanton J. Teitelman 

J. L. Pitt 


Herbert H. Galston 

Charles M. Nelson . 

Pharmacy Affiliates 

Lawrence J. Powell 

Total 7 Members 3 43% 

Campbell Harris, Jr. 

Leroy S. Pearce 

J. L. Beck 

Leroy Riddle 

Samuel M. Bemiss 

William E. Harris 

Allen Pepple 

B. Homer Buck 

Dan Rogers 

Eppa Hunton, IV 

Boyd W. Haynes, Jr. 

Erline Perkins 

E. A. Buck 

A. W. Saul 

Buford Scott 

Kathryn Heitshu 

Frank P. Pitts 

L. C. Campbell 

Louis Schline 


Alvah L. Herring, Jr. 

Louree Pottinger 

L. P. Chandler 

Daniel C. Spence 

Total 408 Members 53 


Susanne Hirt 

Benjamin W. Rawles, Jr. 

Lester Cooper 

William G. Tarrant 

Harry P. Anderson, Jr. 

Randolph H. Hoge 

John G. dos Santos 

Howard F. Creesey 

M. P. Webb 

Wasfi A. Atiyeh 

David M. Hume 

Eric C. Schelin 

Hugh W. Ellinger 

Howard Wood 

S. Elmer Bear 

Saul Kay 

L. B. Sheppard 

F. H. Fitzpatrick 

House Staff 

Lewis H. Bosher, Jr. 

Edwin L. Kendig, Jr. 

Jacob Silberberg 

E. J. Garich 


Harry Brick 

Henry G. Kupfer 

Arnold F. Strauss 

M. C. Haynes 

Gene K. Koonce 

Paul D. Camp 

Peter Ladewig 

William D. Suggs 

W. A. Head 

George A. Reynolds 

Earnest B. Carpenter 

Paul Larson 

Cary G. Suter 

Stephen Huband 


B. Noland Carter 

William M. Lordi 

Lee E. Sutton, Jr. 

Ralph C. Huffman 

W. Welby Beverley 

Paul L. Chevalier 

Walter Mayer 

J. Warwick Thomas 

C. E. Hunter 

Jonah L. Larrick 

Edwin M. Crawford 

Robert B. McEntee 

John W. Ward 

J. B. Lipscomb 

Ed Phillips 

James B. Dalton 

John M. Meredith 

William W. Zimmerman 

S. L. London 

R. F. Burke Steele 

Albert M. Edmonds 

G. Kenneth Miller 

Dental Affiliates 

William H. Mease 

The Mystery 

Henry S. Edwards 

Louis D. Mitchell 

Lawrence H. Cash 

E. W. W. Perry 

Mrs. Eorl W. Wood 

Lest We Forget 

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1907 UCM Blanch Flippo (N), of Afton, Vir- 
ginia, died on November 1, 1960. 
UCM Elmer E. Grove (P), of Luray, Virginia, 
died on October 18, 1960. 
1910 Saddie B. Vest (N), of Huntington, 
West Virginia, died July 19. She was the wife 
of Walter E. Vest (M'09). 
1912 Benjamin F. Foley, Jr. (P), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, died on September 5. He had 
operated Foley's Drug Store for many years. 

1912 UCM William "c. Adkerson (M), of 
Lynchburg, Virginia, died on July 5 after 
an illness of several months. 

1913 UCM W. T. Rainey (M), of Fayette- 
ville, North Carolina, died on September 22. 
He had been associated with the Highsmith 
Memorial Hospital there for 48 years and had 
served on the North Carolina Board of Health 
for 15 years. 

1915 G. W. Earles (P), of Kingsport, Ten- 
nessee, died in 1954. 

1916 George F. Hughston (M), of Fairforest, 
South Carolina, died on February 27. He was 
associated with Spartanburg General and Mary 
Black Memorial Hospitals. 

1917 W. D. Allen (P), of Morgantown, 
North Carolina, died on April 26, 1961. 

C. Clyde Coffindaffer (M), of Clarksburg, 
West Virginia, died on September 9, following 
a long illness. 

1923 Churchill Robertson (M), of Salem, Vir- 
ginia, died on May 4, 1960. 

1924 John Mason Bishop (M), of Roanoke, 
Virginia, died September 11. He was presi- 
dent of the Medical Arts Medical Laboratory 
and a fellow of the American Pediatrics So- 

1926 Harvey L. Griffin (M), of Asheboro, 
North Carolina, died July 12. He had prac- 
ticed there since 1935 and previously in Star. 
He served as a member of the Campbell Col- 
lege Enlargement Committee. 

1927 Herman S. Fletcher (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, died on July 14. He served as at- 
tending physician of the Little Sisters of the 
Poor for 25 years and at St. Joseph's Villa 
for 20 years. 

Carl C. Jackson (M), of East Rainell, West 
Virginia, died on July 30 of a heart attack 
while attending church services. 
Frank F. Sowers (M), of Fairmont, West Vir- 
ginia, died August 13. He had practiced der- 
matology. He was one of the outstanding pistol 
marksmen in the country and won the National 
Championship in 1941. 


H. F. Wallace (P), of Erwin. Tennessee, died 
on August 30, 1959. 

1929 James E. Nance (M), of Kannapolis, 
North Carolina, died on July 4. 

1930 J. Raymond B. Hutchinson (M), of 
Arlington, Virginia, died August 1. He was 
vice-president and medical director of Acadia 
Mutual Life Insurance Co., with whom he had 
been associated for over thirty years. He was 
a consultant in cardiology at Arlington Hos- 
pital. He was a past president and president- 
elect of the Arlington County Medical Society. 
G. Edmund Stone (M), of Staunton, Virginia, 
died September 27. He had been superin- 
tendent of DeJarnette State Sanatorium for 10 
years and previously had served on the staff 
of Western State Hospital there. 

1931 Zed J. Wampler (P), of Richmond, 
Virginia, died on September 13 after an ill- 
ness of several months. He was retired from 
E. R. Squibb & Sons. 

1935 LeRoy Clark Fergus (M), of Los Banos, 
California, died July 19, I960. 
Charles E. Watkins (M), of Oak Hill, West 
Virginia, died on July 27 after an illness of 
several months. He practiced in Fayetteville be- 
fore moving to Oak Hill in 1938. He was a 
past president of the West Virginia State 
Medical Association. 

1938 Jack Nichols (M), of Los Angeles, Cal- 
ifornia, died on July 11 of a heart attack. 
1953 Alger Rixey Southall, Jr. (M), of Lou- 
isa, Virginia, died on July 24. Recipient of 
the Louisa Count)' Junior Chamber of Com- 
merce distinguished service award in 1959, he 
was active in youth work and physician for the 
high school football team. 


Happily we correct the mistake of the 
post office in Blueneld, West Virginia. 
They had notified us erroneously that 
Dr. Marshall W. Sinclair, M'13, and 
Dr. Richard O. Rogers, Jr., M'52, were 
deceased. We are sorry that their mistake 
was ptiblished and very pleased that it 
was erroneous information. 

Reunion '62 
June 1,2,3 

Class Hews 

1906 Russell L. Cecil (M), of New York 
City, was a participant in the International 
Congress of Rheumatology in Rome, Italy, Sep- 
tember 3-7. 

1906 UCM Ray A. Moore, Sr. (M), of Farm- 
ville, Virginia, retired as college physician at 
Hampden-Sydney after having served for 33 
years. Praise was given him by Hampden- 
Sydney for his splendid work. 
1909 Walter E. Vest (M), of Huntington, 
West Virginia, was re-elected a member of 
AMA Council on Constitution and Bylaws at 
their meeting in New York on June 25-30. 
He was recently chosen as president of the 
General Andrew Lewis Chapter of the Sons 
of the American Revolution. 
1913 Frank S. Johns (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, spoke to the Church Hill Gang at 
their annual meeting on the operation of Chim- 
borazo Hospital during the Civil War. 

1921 Ira T. Hornbarger (M), of Hot Springs, 
Virginia, was named Bath County's Man of the 
Year. He was cited for his forty years of 
humanitarian service as a physician and his 
record as a good citizen, school board mem- 
ber, and church worker in his native county. 

1922 Charles M. Caravati (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, spoke on "Management of the Gastric 
Ulcer," at the Tri-State Medical Convention 
on July 27. He also gave a paper at the 
Medical Association of the Valley of Virginia 
at Hot Springs in September. He was intro- 
duced by Robert H. Sease (M'45), of Har- 
risonburg, Virginia. 

1923 Waverly R. Payne (M), of Newport 
News, Virginia, was a member of the panel 
in a discussion of "Illegitimate Pregnancy" 
during the meeting of the Virginia Obstetrical 
and Gynecological Society. 

Leta J. White (M), of Gaffney, South Caro- 
lina, has been asked to assist in a critical 
emergency in the Southern Baptist Medical 
Center in Ohano, West Africa. She left 
October 3 and return in April of 1962. 

1924 H. Hudnall Ware, Jr. (M), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia was a speaker at the Sixth 
Annual Postgraduate Institute at Martinsburg, 
West Virginia in October. 

1926 Edward Myers (D), of Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia, has announced the relocation of his of- 
fice to the Golden Triangle Building. 
R. Rodriquez-Molina (M), of Santurce, Puerto 
Rico, participated in a panel on "Schisto- 
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lite Uilcuit 

West Virginia Chapter 

The West Virginia Chapter of the 
Alumni Association had its annual cock- 
tail party at The Greenbrier on August 
24. With Dr. John A. B. Holt as the 
able chairman, it was a most enjoyable 
evening. As is the usual custom at this 
meeting, the stress is on sociability, and 
the business is confined to an election of 
a new president and just a few words 
from the delegation from Richmond. 

Dr. Holt, who was also president, in- 
troduced the guests from Richmond, Dr. 
W. C. Henderson, D'37, president of 
the Alumni Association; Mr. R. Reginald 
Rooke, secretary of the Alumni Associa- 
tion and member of the Board of Visitors 
of the College; Dr. Kinloch Nelson, pro- 
fessor of medicine; and the executive 

In the election that followed, Dr. Carl 
B. Hall, M'40, of Charleston, West Vir- 
ginia, was elected as president. One of 
his avowed projects is to get a chapter 
started in Charleston and its 50-mile 
radius. Knowing Dr. Hall and the good 
group that he will have to work with, we 
have no doubts of his success. 

As always this is a good meeting and 
the group from Richmond look forward 
to it and the good "Virginia" hospitality 
of our West Virginia alumni. 

Richmond Chapter 

The Richmond Chapter of the Alumni 
Association held its Fall Get-together at 
the Commonwealth Club on October 4. 
Thanks to Physicians Products, Inc., of 
Petersburg, the cocktail hour was a huge 
success. Though the crowd was smaller 
than sometimes, everyone seemed to be 
in a festive mood and to have an extra- 
special good time. Dr. Joseph C. Parker, 
M'40, the president, was chairman and 
with his able committee of the officers and 
Board of the Chapter had arranged a 
most delightful evening. Speeches were 
at a minimum, Dr. R. Blackwell Smith, 
Jr., president of MCV, had a few words 
to say as did Dr. W. C. Henderson, the 
president of the Alumni Association and 
that concluded the business of the eve- 


The Richmond Chapter now looks for- 
ward to its Spring Fling which is always 
another evening of fun among the alumni 
of the Richmond area. 

Medical Society of Virginia 

On Monday, October 9, the alumni 
of the Medical College were together for 
their annual alumni dinner held during 
the meeting of the Medical Society of 
Virginia. Here as always that old saw 
about when good alumni get together, a 
good time is had by all held true that 
night for sure. 

With Dr. J. Robert Massie, Jr., M'34, 
as the capable chairman, it was bound to 
be a good party. Dr. Thomas W. Mur- 
rell, M'01, UCM, asked the blessing. 
After dinner, Dr. Massie introduced Dr. 
W. C. Henderson, the president of the 
Alumni Association, who told the alumni 
about the high percentage of members 
we have always had among the medical 
alumni but that this year the other schools 
were aiming to give them a run for their 
money. Dr. R. Blackwell Smith, Jr., spoke 
on the progress of the College and the 
necessitated changes in personnel. Dr. 
W. T. Sanger spoke on the value of the 
alumni to the College and that was the 
extent of the speeches. 

This meeting is always most pleasant 
as at it you see so many of our alumni 
who are not in any chapter area and 
whom it is always a pleasure to have 
with us. 

jacultij Csltapices 

* indicates an alumnus of MCV 

During the months of July and Sep- 
tember, 1961, there were new appoint- 
ments as follows: 


Mrs. Evelyn C. Bacon, associate profes- 
sor of nursing 

Dr. Murray R. Blair, Jr., assistant dean 
of medicine and associate professor of 

Mr. Edward Bowman, research associate 
in pharmacology 

*Mrs. Sally R. Bundy, graduate assistant 
in chemistry 

Mrs. Frances B. Clarke, graduate assistant 
in chemistry 

Dr. William T. Clarke, assistant in 
otology, rhinology, and laryngology 

Dr. Samuel T. Ellis, clinical instructor 
in radiology 

Dr. Harold L. Endlich, instructor in ra- 

Mrs. Mary S. Gordon, instructor in 

*Miss Patsy L. Grant, instructor in nurs- 

*Dr. Harry L. Hodges, instructor in 
crown and bridge prosthodontics 

*Dr. Carl W. LaFratta, clinical instructor 
in physical medicine and rehabilitation 

Dr. Heinz H. Karnitschnig, visiting as- 
sistant professor of legal medicine 

*Dr. Boyd H. May, Jr., instructor in 

*Dr. Paul Middleton, assistant in oto- 

Dr. Henry Neufeld, visiting associate 
professor of cardiac radiology 

Mrs. Helen Hu Ong, graduate assistant 
in chemistry 

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Garden Spot for Senior Citizens 
9 minutes by cor from any local hospital 



24 Hours Daily Professional Supervision 


Each Patient Attended By Their Own Doctor 

• Registered Nurse and M.C.V. Extern 

• Nutritious Food by Trained Dietitian 

• Automatic Litter-size Hydraulic Elevator 

• Sprinkler System Throughout Building 

• Trained Staff of Nurses and Orderlies 

• 5 Terraced Acres for Strolling or Parking 

• Private and Multiple Rooms with Toilets 

• Rates Start at $60 Weekly, General Care 
Member: Va. and American Nursing Home Assns. 

Bernard Maslan, Administrator 

Terrace Hill Nursing Home 

"Understanding Care" 
2112 Monteiro Ave., Richmond, Va. Ml 3-2777 


Class News 

(Continued from page 20) 

somiasis Mansoni" at San Juan under the 
auspices of the U. S. Department of Health, 
Education, and Welfare and the Department 
of Health of the Commonwealth of Puerto 
Rico. The panel was presented for the benefit 
of four of the ministers of health from Africa. 
J. Asa Shield, Jr. (M), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, was elected president of the Parents and 
Friends of Hampden-Sydney College. 

1927 W. Linwood Bail (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, is serving as president of the Vir- 
ginia Council of Health and Medical Care. 
James T. Tucker (M), of Richmond, Virginia, 
spoke on "The Treatment of Fractures of the 
Hip" at the annual meeting of the Medical 
Association of the Valley of Virginia at Hot 
Springs on September 16. He was introduced 
by Bradford S. Bennett (M'41), of Win- 
chester, Virginia. 

1928 W. C. Elliott (M), of Lebanon, Vir- 
ginia, presided at the October 9 afternoon 
session at the Medical Society of Virginia 

Dorothy Kirshbaum (M), of Peekskill, New 
York, moved there in July. She is staff phy- 
sician at the Veterans Administration. Mon- 
trose, New York. 

James L. Patterson (M), of Wheelwright, Ken- 
tucky, has moved there from Logan, West 
Virginia, and will continue in general prac- 
tice. He will also serve as physician for Inland 
Steel Company. 

W. R. Southward (M), of Richmond. Virginia, 
director of the Bureau of Chronic Disease 
Control, is serving on the Virginia Cancer 
Co-ordinating Committee as a representative 
of the State Department of Health. 

1929 F. Ivan Steele (M), of Windsor, Vir- 
ginia, has been elected chief of general prac- 
tice of the Obici Memorial Hospital in Suffolk. 

1930 John Wyatt Davis, Jr. (M), of Lynch- 
burg, Virginia, is medical advisor to the 
Virginia Association of Rescue Squads and 
is a member of the Community Health Pro- 
gram of the Advisory Committee of the United 
States Jaycees. He presided at the Second An- 

nual Symposium of the Blue Ridge Academy 
of General Practice on July 22 at the Hotel 

James Pettis (M), of Staunton, Virginia, su- 
perintendent of Western State Hospital, is 
codirector of the Northern Virginia Health 
Project, a study of patient and family prob- 
lems after hospitalization and a co-ordination 
of existing community services for the re- 
turning patient. 

1931 Harold W. Miller (M), of Woodstock, 
Virginia, presided at the October 10 afternoon 
session of the Medical Society of Virginia. 
Yates S. Palmer (M), of Valdese, North 
Carolina, and his son visited the Alumni 
House on September 5. 

1932 L. L. Shamburger (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, has retired as director of the spe- 
cialized medical services of the State Health 
Department. He was a participant in a 
symposium on "Illegitimate Pregnancy" during 
the recent meeting of the Virginia Obstetrical 
and Gynecological Society. 

1933 William Bickers (M), of Beirut, Leb- 
anon, is serving as professor and chairman 
of the department of obstetrics and gynecology 
at the American University there. He writes 
that they have a three-year residency program 
in his specialty to which candidates are ad- 
mitted after a one-year rotating internship. 
Edgar W. Childrey, Jr. (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, has been installed as president of 
the Virginia Society of Ophthalmology and 

1934 Katherine W. Marks (N), of Chapel 
Hill, North Carolina, has been joined by her 
husband, Sandy, from the Congo. He is at 
the University of North Carolina working on 
his master's degree in dentistry on a two-year 

. grant, part of the Federal Teaching-Training 

Peter N. Pdstore (M), of Richmond, Virginia, 
is the newly-elected president of the Richmond 
area unit, American Cancer Society. 
Elam C. Toone (M), of Richmond, Virginia, 
presented a paper on "Peripheal Neuritis and 
Other Clinical Manifestations of Polyarthritis 
Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis" at the 
International Congress of Rheumatology in 
Rome, Italy. 






1935 L. A. Dickerson (M), of Charleston, 
West Virginia, was named as the West Vir- 
ginia Public Health Association's delegate to 
the American Public Health Association. Bruce 
Pollock (M'32), of Huntington, is the alter- 
nate delegate. 

Virginia DePietro Boschier (N), of Rockville, 
Indiana, was married on August 16 to E. V. 

James M. Habel Jr. (M), of Suffolk, Virginia, 
has been elected chief of obstetrics and 
gynecology of the Obici Memorial Hospital 

J. Curtis Nottingham (P), of Williamsburg, 
Virginia, president of the Virginia Phar- 
maceutical Association, was elected first vice- 
president of the American Pharmaceutical As- 

John R. Saunders (M), of Lynchburg, Vir- 
ginia, spoke on "An Unusual Abdominal Preg- 
nacy" at the meeting of the Virginia Obstetrical 
and Gynecological Society. 

1936 Spotswood Robins (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, spoke on "Office Gynecology" at 
the Medical Society of Virginia meeting on 
October 10. 

1937 John A. B. Holt (M), of Charleston, 
West Virginia, presided at the meeting of 
the West Virginia Academy of Ophthalmology 
and Otolaryngology held during the West Vir- 
ginia State Medical Society meeting. 

R. Blackwell Smith, Jr. (P), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, attended the First International Phar- 
macological Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, 
August 21-25 with three other members of 
the MCV faculty. 

1938 Liskie J. Moore (M), of Huntington, 
West Virginia, was elected vice-president of 
the West Virginia Chapter of the American 
Academy of General Practice: 

1939 John W. Hash (M), of Charleston, 
West Virginia, represented West Virginia at 
a small White House Conference on June 15. 
Its purpose was to implement the recom- 
mendations of the White House Conference 
on Aging held in January. 

1940 Galen C. Craun (M), of Harrisonburg, 
Virginia, has served for the past year as 
president of the Bridgewater College Alumni 

Carl B. Hall (M), of Charleston, West Vir- 
ginia, was elected to a two-year term as del- 
egate to the Annual Scientific Assembly of the 
American Academy of General Practice by the 
West Virginia Chapter of the AAGP. 
Morris H. O'Dell (M), of Charleston, West 
Virginia, was chosen as president-elect of the 
West Virginia Heart Association at their an- 
nual meeting on September 15. 
James E. Spargo (M), of Wheeling, West 
Virginia, was elected to the Board of Di- 
rectors of the West Virginia Chapter of the 
American Academy of General Practice. 
1942 Victor P. Owen (M), of Jarratt, Vir- 
ginia, has been appointed director of public 
health for the counties of Mecklenburg, Bruns- 
wick, and Greenville. 

1943M Charles W. Byrd (M). of Richmond, 
Virginia, presented a paper on "Diagnosis of 
the Acute Abdomen" at the recent Medical 
Society of Virginia meeting. 
L. Frances Gordon (N), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, attended the College Admission Officers 
and High School Counselors Conference held 
at the College of William and Mary in July. 
Harriette Patteson (N'32), also attended. 
Dorothy B. Lefler (N), of Tampa, Florida, has 
been acting director of nursing service at 
Hillsborough Hospital since March 10. 
1943D G. Watson James, III (M), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, moderated a panel discussion 
at the Fourth Annual Lynchburg General 
Hospital Day on September 28. He also par- 


provides the established, safe daily 
dose of reserpine in ambulant 
hypertensives. Will not increase 
gastric acidity. 

provides a full, continuous, supple- 
mentary mild sedation. 

EACH Solfo-serpine tablet (yellow 
and embossed with figure of snake) 
contains 0.06 mg. reserpine, V4 gr. 
phenobarbital, and V 3 gr. colloidal 

p Poythress & Co., 

Richmond 17, Virginia 



ticipated in the Fifth International Congress 
of Biochemistry in Moscow in August. 
Bill B. Richmond (M), of Beckley, West Vir- 
ginia, presided at tfie meeting of the section 
of urology at the West Virginia State Med- 
ical Association meeting in August. 
C. I. Sease, Jr. (M), of Harrisonburg, Vir- 
ginia, presided at the annual meeting and 
clinical session of the Medical Association 
of the Valley of Virginia in September at 
Hot Springs. 

1944 Roy A. Moore, Jr. (M), of Hampden- 
Sydney, Virginia, has been appointed to the 
Prince Edward School Board and has been 
made college physician for Hampden-Sydney 

Morcus Nakdimen (M), of Brooklyn, New 
York, visited the Alumni House on' August 29. 
Hal W. Smith (M), of Fontana, California, 
has been appointed chief of the department 
of otolaryngology of the Kaiser Foundation 
Hospital and Clinic there. 

1945 Walter E. Bundy (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, spoke at the meeting of the Med- 
ical Association of the Valley of Virginia in 
September. He was introduced by Frederick 
G. Pearce (M'55), of Waynesboro, Virginia. 
William C. French (D). of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, announced the removal of his office to 
the South Mall, Willow Lawn Shopping Cen- 
ter, for the practice of orthodontics. 

Thomas W. (M) and Mrs. Green, of Bristol, 
Tennessee, announce the birth of their seventh 
child, Waverly S. Green, III, on March 6. 

1946 William (M) and Vivian E. (N'51) 
Barney, of Lynchburg, Virginia, announce the 
arrival of their second son, David Edmond- 
son, on September 5. Their first is William 
Harper, Jr., now 21 months. 

Elizabeth' F. Bowlin (N), of Charlotte, North 
Carolina, has two children and is employed 






Individual and Commercial 


The Travelers Insurance Co. 
The Travelers Indemnity Co. 

DIAL 353-9461 
Seaboard Building 

as a public health nurse by the Charlotte 
Health Department. She is attending Queens 
College in the evenings. 

Elmore P. Kalbaugh (M), of Nederland, Texas, 
is in the private practice of psychiatry in 
Beaumont, Texas. 

1947 Robert W. Bradley (M). of Powhatan, 
Virginia, has been named to the Powhatan 
School Board. 

Carl C. Tully (M). of South Charleston, West 
Virginia, was elected to the Board of Di- 
rectors of the West Virginia Chapter of the 
American Academy of General Practice. 

1948 Robert Irby (M), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, presented a paper on "Phenylbutazone 
in Long Term Treatment of Rheumatoid 
Spondylitis" at the International Congress on 
Rheumatology in Rome, Italy. He was also a 
speaker at the Blue Ridge Chapter of Gen- 
eral Practice meeting in July. 

Robert W. Irvin, Jr. (M), of Fort Eustis, 
Virginia, recently received certification from 
the American Board of Obstetrics and Gyn- 

1949 F. P. Casey (P), of Richlands, Vir- 
ginia, was elected president of the Lonesome 
Pines Pharmaceutical Association. Serving with 
him are S. B. Sturgill (P'53), of Pound, as 
vice-president, and B. E. Large (P'57), of 
Appalachia, as secretary. 

Jean Hayter (N), of Richmond, Virginia, re- 
ceived the degree of doctor of education from 
Columbia University, New York City, in 
August. She is currently a member of the 
faculty of the school of nursing, MCV. 
Cecil Mullins (P), of Danville, Virginia, is 
the new president of the Southside Phar- 
maceutical Association. Barrett R. Bryant (P'54), 
of Danville, is secretary. 

1950 Joseph A. Smith (M), of Dunbar, 
West Virginia, was elected secretary of the 
West Virginia Chapter of the American 
Academy of General practice. He was chair- 
man of the golf tournament at the recent 
West Virginia State Medical Association meet- 

1951 Charles Boyette (P), of Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia, is the new president of the Tidewater 
Pharmaceutical Association. Robert Clyburn 
(P'53), is president-elect; Bernard Behrman 
(P'29), is second vice-president; and Joe 
Florence, III (P'58), is treasurer. 

E. H. Eskey (D). of Norfolk, Virginia, is 
representing the Virginia State Dental Asso- 
ciation on the Virginia Cancer Coordinating 

Luther J. Hamlett (M), of Roanoke, Virginia, 
recently received his certification from the 
American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 
C. Dimmock Jenkins (HA), of Olney, Mary- 
land, has been appointed administrator of the 
Montgomery General Hospital there. 
Calvin M. Massie (P), of Newport News, 
Virginia, is the new president of the Peninsula 
Registered Pharmacists Association. George E. 
Barrow, III (P'38), of Newport News, Vir- 
ginia, is treasurer. 

Albert Julian Wasserman (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, and Mrs. Wasserman are receiving 
congratulations on the birth of Beth Harriet, 
July 8. 

Yale Zimberg (M), of Richmond, Virginia, 
spoke on "Diagnosis and Management of Peri- 
ampullary Neoplasms" at the Medical Society 
of Virginia meeting on October 9. 

1952 Marshall J. Carper (M), of Charleston, 
West Virginia, presided at the meeting of 
the West Virginia State Society of Allergy at 
their annual meeting at The Greenbrier in 

N. Allen Dyer (M), of Bluefield, West Vir- 
ginia, was elected to the Executive Council 


of the West Virginia Public Health Associa- 

1952 Charles Rector (P), of Fredericksburg, 
Virginia, is the president of the Rappahannock 
Pharmaceutical Association. Robert Lawrence 
(P'54), of Fredericksburg, is vice-president. 
George Calamos (P'56), of Fredericksburg, is 
treasurer and James Lamar (P'54), of Madi- 
son, is secretary. 

James R. York (M), of Berryville, Virginia, 
introduced the after-dinner speaker at the 
annual meeting of the Medical Association 
of the Valley of Virginia. 

1953 Wallace Cundiff (P), of Vinton, Vir- 
ginia, is the new president of the Roanoke 
Valley Pharmaceutical Association. Edgar 
Crockett (P'53), of Roanoke, is secretary. Er- 
vin Brooks (P'51), of Salem, and Benjamin 
Powell (P'51), of Salem, are members of the 
Executive Council. Everett Kohne (P'54), of 
Roanoke, is treasurer. 

Frederick T. Given, Jr. (M), of Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia, was recently certified by the American 
Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 
V. Eric Kemp, Jr. (M), of Richmond, Virginia, 
spoke on "Coronary Artery Cineangiography" 
at the Medical Society of Virginia meeting 
on October 9. 

Paul A. Tanner (M), of Auburndale, Florida, 
won the "Brothers of the Brush" beard grow- 
ing contest in the recent Polk County Cen- 

1954 Norvin Boone (P), of Roanoke, Vir- 
ginia, and his wife announce the birth of 
a daughter, Suzanne, on July 3. 

Donald M. Callahan (M), of San Antonio, 
Texas, recently completed the military orienta- 
tion course at Brooke Army Hospital, Fort 
Sam Houston, Texas. 

Janet L. Morris (N), of Norfolk, Virginia, 
was married to J. H. Morris in 1958 and 
they have one child, Lane Marie, born in 
April, 1960. 

1955 Dorothy H. Burk (PT'55), of Rockford, 
Illinois has three children. Douglas, 5 ; David, 
3 ; and Amy, born April 29. Her husband is 
building a National Homes, Inc., subdivision 
at her new address. 

Donald R. Holsinger (M), of Birmingham, 
Alabama, was awarded a master of science 
degree in medicine from the University of 
Minnesota on August 17. He completed his 
residency in medicine at the Mayo Foundation 
on July 1. 

Leslie F. Marsh (P), of Lynchburg, Virginia, 
was elected president of the Lynchburg Phar- 
maceutical Association. The new secretary is 
Floyd A. Robertson, Jr. (P'43), of Lynchburg, 

Betty Robinson (N) and Gene C. Addison 
(D), of Columbia, South Carolina, have two 
children, Glenn, 4, and Janet, 18 months. Dr. 
Addison has become associated with Dr. Bill 
Salter in a new shopping center location. 

1956 John C. Blankenbeckler (HA), of 
Whitesburg, Kentucky, is the new adminis- 
trator of Whitesburg Memorial Hospital. 
Page Hudson (M), and Sally S. Hudson (N), 
of Brooklyn, New York, announce the arrival 
of their third son, Gordon Sewell, on August 
9. Dr. Hudson is an instructor in pathology 
at the State University of New York Medical 
School. He also has become a diplomat of 
the American Board of Pathology. 

F. X. Mullins (M), of Whitman Air Force 
Base, Missouri, was due for discharge in Sep- 
tember and was expecting to continue his 
surgical residency at University Hospital, Balti- 
more, Maryland. They expected their third 
child in August. 

James R. Sease (M), of Harrisonburg, Vir- 
ginia, has joined his brothers Drs. Robert H. 


(M'45) and Cyril I. (M'43D) there after com- 
pleting his residency in general surgery. 

1957 W. R. Beosley (D), of Iowa City, 
Iowa, has finished his residency in oral sur- 
gery and is assistant professor in oral surgery 
at the State University of Iowa. 

Hunter M. Gaunt, Jr. (M), and Mrs. Gaunt, 

of Richmond, Virginia, announce the arrival 

of Cary Hauptman on June 2. 

Thomas DeHaven (HA), of Bilaspur, M. P., 

India, is finding hospital administration in 

India very different. 

Robert H. Fike (M), of Denver, Colorado, is 

now an army captain completing his three-year 

residency in internal medicine at Fitzgerald 

General Hospital. 

1958 John A. Gross, Jr. (M), of Chapel 
Hill, North Carolina, and his wife announced 
the birth of Charles Armstrong on January 25. 
William S. Dodson (D), of Portsmouth, Vir- 
ginia, has completed a three year residency 
in oral surgery and is established there. He 
and his wife, the former, Alice Kirchmier 
(MT'55), have three sons. 

Thomas E. Donnelly (M), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, is a fellow in diabetics and metabolic 
diseases at MCV. He and his wife, Mary 
Frances Mettert (N'57), have two children, 
Cathy, 2V2. and Tommy, 1. 
George R. C. McGuire (D), announced the 
opening of his office for the practice of gen- 
eral dentistry at 181 Plaza Trail, Lynnhaven, 

1959 Warren Berts (HA), of New York 
City, and his wife announce the birth of 
Kathryn Lynn on June 27. 

Donald Eaton (P), of Winchester, Virginia, 
is the new president of the Northern Virginia 
Pharmaceutical Association. The secretary-treas- 
urer is Robert Willey (P'60), of Strasburg, 

William D. Gibson (HA), and his wife, of 
Greensburg, Indiana, are the parents of Man- 
ning Delgar, born May 26. 
Lacey M. Jacobs, Jr. (M), of Charleston, 
South Carolina, was one of more than 2,000 
United States servicemen flown to Turkey to 
participate in Exercises Checkmate II, a North 
Atlantic Treaty Organization training exercise. 
John N. King (M), of Washington, D. C, 
has joined the Peace Corps. 
Gail Fallon Neal (PT), of Madison, Wisconsin, 
was married on May 27 to Dr. M. Pinson 
Neal, Jr., assistant professor of radiology at 
the University of Wisconsin Medical School, 
who interned at MCV. Mrs. Neal is em- 
ployed as a physical therapist at the Uni- 
versity Hospital. 

Lawrence R. Snead, Jr. (HA), of Lynchburg, 
Virginia and his wife announce the birth of 
their second son, William Motley, on June 19- 
John H. Tobin (HA), of Richmond, Virginia, 
has been appointed administrator of the Rich- 
mond Eye Hospital. 

George H. Trough (M), of Babylon, New 
York, announces the opening of his office for 
the practice of general medicine at 421 Deer 
Park Avenue. 

1960 C. Franklin Andrews (M), of Geneva, 
Indiana, has entered the practice of general 

D. Alene Blake (M), of Detroit, Michigan, 
is serving a general surgery residency at 
Grace Hospital there. 

David Boska (M), will do clinical research 
for the Public Health Service in Morgan- 
town, West Virginia. 

D. Christian Bredup, Jr. (M), has a radiology 
residency at Presbyterian Hospital in New 
York City. 

Barbara F. Brown (N), of Staunton, Virginia, 
and Linda J. Gillis (N61), of Charlottesville, 
Virginia, toured Europe for four months this 


summer. Miss Brown was on a leave of 
absence from the pediatric department of 
Kings Daughters Hospital. 
Arthur W. Burke, Jr. (M), is working in the 
department of onocology at Rhode Island 
Hospital in Providence. 

Joe D. Christian, Jr. (M), is serving in the 
United States Air Force. 

Richard J. Cleveland (M), is an assistant 
resident in surgery at MCV. 
Howard C. Cohen (M) is a first-year medical 
resident at Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, 
New York. 

William G. Conley, III (M), is an assistant res- 
ident in pediatrics at North Carolina Me- 
morial Hospital at Chapel Hill, North Caro- 

Carter L. Diggs (M) is a junior assistant resi- 
dent in pathology at MCV. 
Arthur B. Farfel (M) is a junior assistant 
resident in the Tufts Medical Services at 
Boston, Massachusetts. 

Jimmie W. Farley (M) is a resident in ophthal- 
mology at McGuire Veterans Hospital in Rich- 
mond, Virginia. 

Clay T. Gardener, Jr. (M), is a junior assistant 
resident in medicine at MCV. 
Frank E. Gemma (M) is a first-year resident 
in general surgery at Charleston Memorial 
Hospital, Charleston, West Virginia. 
Robert L. Gilliland (M) is a junior assistant 
resident in neurology at MCV. 
William S. Graybeel (M) is a junior assistant 
resident in orthopedic surgery at MCV. 
Walter H. Graham (M) is a junior assistant 
resident in surgery at MCV. 
John A. Hagy (M) is now serving in the 
United States Navy. 

Alexander P. Leverty, II (M), is a junior as- 
sistant resident in pediatrics at MCV. 
Hugh R. MacMahon (M) has a medical resi- 
dency at MCV. 

J. Lee Mathews, Jr. (M), is a general prac- 
titioner in Haymarket, Virginia. 
W. David McWhorter (M) has begun a resi- 
dency in obstetrics and gynecology at MCV. 
Donald E. Morel (M) has entered the United 
States Army. 

Lawrence R. Moter (M) has a general surgery 
residency at MCV. 

Lewis M. Omer, III (M), has begun a 
obstetrical-gynecology residency at MCV. 
Geraldine W. Paul (M) is a first-year resi- 
dent in obstetrics and gynecology at George 
Washington Hospital. Washington, D. C. 
W. Peter Reyelt, Jr. (M). is a first-year surgi- 
cal resident at Hartford Hospital, Hartford, 

Emmett V. Richardson, Jr. (M), has entered 
the United States Army. 

Robert E. Robinson (M) is serving in the 
United States Navy in Okinawa. 
John P. Sheils (M) is serving in the United 
States Army. 

William 5. Sheils (M) is a general practice 
resident at Cabell-Huntington Hospital, Hunt- 
ington, West Virginia. 

Richard L. Spencer (M) and Halsey K. Van 
Duyne (M) have joined the United States 

Robert W. Waddell (M) has an orthopedic 
residency at MCV. 

Jerone H. Weinstein (D and P'56) and Mrs. 
Weinstein, of Norfolk, Virginia, announce the 
arrival of their second child, Kenneth Jay, 
June 26. Their daughter, Robin Beth, is two. 
Harwey A. Wells, Jr. (M), is a junior as- 
sistant resident at MCV. 

James R. Wickham (M) is planning to enter 
the military service. 

Charles W. Wiggs (HA), of Seoul, Korea, 
is working with the Baptist Mission there. 
He and his wife have been attending Yonsei 

LTniversity studying the Korean language in 
which they have completed two of the six 

Edwin L. Williams (M) is a junior assistant 
resident in general surgery at MCV. 
Thomas C. Wilson (M) is an assistant resident 
in surgery in the Baltimore City Hospitals, 
Baltimore, Maryland. 

1961 James R. Gore (D), of Loris, South 
Carolina, and Francis W. Shield (D), of 
Hampton, Virginia, have completed the mili- 
tary orientation course at Brooke Army Medi- 
cal Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. 
Betty Lou Poff Janke (N), of Seattle, Wash- 
ington, was married on June 10 to Richard 
Janke, of Lynbrook, New, York. She is em- 
ployed in the medical surgical department 
at Virginia Mason Hospital. 
Benjamin E. Wiggins, Jr. (D), of Washing- 
ton, D. C, has recently begun a dental in- 
ternship at Walter Reed Hospital. Upon 
completion of his training, he will be pro- 
moted to captain in the Army Medical Corps. 

Two Dates to Remember 

Reunion '62 

June 1, 2, 3 

Scientific Assembly 

(sponsored by the Alumni Association 

and the School of Medicine) 

June 1-2 



For business or pleasure 

Begins at home with expert planning 
by your Richmond owned and oper- 
ated Travel Service — 

Forty-one years of service means 



Reservations and tickets 

for all 



Hotels at Home and Abroad 


708 E. Grace 



Seaboard Bldg. 

EL 8-2308 



MCV Role 

(Continued from page 1) 
most of the City's preventive medicine 
clinics as well as the evening outpatient 
service clinics will be located in the same 
area as the major teaching clinics of the 
Medical College. This will result in 
much closer coordination and better med- 
ical care for the citizens of Richmond. 
Clinics to be located in the downtown 
area are: maternal and child health, tu- 
berculosis, venereal disease, immuniza- 
tion, and various other special clinics. 

A number of activities are carried on 
as joint projects between the Medical Col- 
lege, State health department, and City 
health department. Examples of these are 
the crippled children's clinics and the 
Consultation and Evaluation Clinic for 
retarded children. The Civic Center lo- 
cation will greatly benefit all concerned 
through better coordination and closer 
relationships between these three govern- 
mental agencies. 

Medical College of Virginia residents 
and staff are now being used in our 
clinics on a part-time basis and it is an- 
ticipated that more effective staffing will 
result to the advantage of the Medical 

Jack M. Enoch Max H. Goodloe 



Serving the Medical 
Profession of Virginia 

Surgical Instruments • Laboratory 

Supplies • Surgical Supplies 

Equipment • Repairs 

Dial Milton 8-6566 
"Quality and Service at Its Best" 

College of Virginia and of the City of 
Richmond. Residents and students profit 
by actual contact with various medical 
problems encountered in the home 
through the City-Medical College of Vir- 
ginia Home Care program, resulting in 
good experience for the students and 
well-rounded service to indigent patients 
in the community. 

The City has a contract with the Med- 
ical College to hospitalize indigents re- 
ferred by the local health and welfare 
departments. In addition, various clinics, 
emergency rooms, and other facilities are 
utilized in the medical care program. The 
Civic Center would be just a short walk 
to the various locations involved. These 
advantages in addition to the advantage 
of centralized medical records in the 
downtown area holds many promises for 
more effective medical programs in the 

The modern facilities the Civic Center 
will provide are many and varied. We 
are indeed fortunate in having the Med- 
ical College of Virginia adjacent to our 
Civic Center and as a part of the greater 
Federal, State, City, and Medical College 
of Virginia Center. Not only will many 
hundreds of tax dollars be saved but a 
greater spirit of cooperation and more 
effective mutual understanding and hap- 
piness will result. This long-range plan- 
ning by the City and the Medical College 
of Virginia will give to our community 
something of which all Richmond can 
be justly proud. 

MCV Outlines Budget Needs 

(Continued from page 5) 
medically indigent. All of the State ap- 
propriation to the hospital division — and 
more — goes to offsetting our losses in- 
curred in the care of these patients. The 
counties and cities, in cooperation with 
the State under the State-local hospitaliza- 
tion program, pay part of the cost of 
hospitalizirfg "welfare" clients but the 
hospitals never receive full reimburse- 
ment. In the category of medically in- 
digent — those who are not on relief rolls 
but who cannot pay from their own re- 
sources the heavy costs of major illnesses 
— we suffer further losses simply by in- 
ability to collect money from nonexistent 

The Governor and several of his ad- 
visors have indicated their appreciation 


of our position in this regard, and it is 
hoped that the members of the General 
Assembly also will recognize that their 
appropriation to the hospital division at 
MCV is, in reality, an appropriation for 
the hospitalization of the indigent and 
the medically indigent. 

Another point that often escapes notice 
is the fact that the request for appropria- 
tions in the next biennium is much less 
than would appear from examination of 
the basic figures. The Governor, the 
budget director, and the director of per- 
sonnel, by reason of salary increases and 
other expenditures which they authorize 
after adjournment of the General As- 
sembly, permit certain increases in our 
budgeted outlays. When we compare our 
current operating budget with our re- 
quests for each of the two years of the 
new biennium, the increases show in 
their proper perspective. Our current 
general fund budget for 1961-62 is 
$5,049,980. Our request for 1962-63 is 
$6,746,357 and for 1963-64 it is $7,- 
001,398. This is a total requested increase 
from the State's general fund for the 
two years of $3,775,795. 

In summary, MCV has outlined its 
basic needs and related them to money 
in the most efficient and economical man- 
ner possible, recognizing the other heavy 
demands for appropriations that always 
confront the legislature when it begins 
the unenviable job of allocating the 

Dean's Page 

(Continued from page 7) 
and smile at the crowd. The evolution 
of the dental student is a most interest- 
ing phenomenon. Its observation is a 
special privilege of our faculty. 

Every fall when we greet the new 
students we recall the faces of those who 
have left our halls, laboratories, and 
clinics to fulfill their professional mis- 
sions. We remember our alumni with a 
sense of satisfaction born of their suc- 
cessful careers. 

We hope that our alumni will return 
to visit with us, to offer us their advice 
and encouragement, and to continue their 
professional education. HOMECOMING 
is an occasion affording opportunity for 
all of these objectives. January 29 and 
30 are the dates for HOMECOMING, 


1962. Hotel accommodations are likely 
to be in short supply next January, so 
write for your reservations immediately. 

The program for HOMECOMING, 
1962, promises to be an excellent sym- 
phony of science and social pleasure. Two 
luncheons, a social "mixing," and a ban- 
quet with a nationally renowned enter- 
tainer will offer fine opportunities for 
fun and renewal of old friendships. The 
scientific sessions will present seven 
widely-known and skillful lecturers. 

We are saddened by the untimely death 
of Dr. William N. Hodgkin, a most 
distinguished alumnus and former mem- 
ber of our Board of Visitors, whose life 
of dedicated service to our profession 
makes us all his debtors. His noble career 
will keep his memory bright throughout 
the years ahead. 

These are interesting, exciting, and 
somewhat disturbing days in the broad 
realm of dental education, with the re- 
cently published "Survey of Dentistry" 
focusing its spotlight on perplexing sub- 
jects of dental manpower, auxiliary per- 
sonnel, the dental school curriculum, the 
cost and sources of support for dental 
education, the present and future roles 
of dental licensure, social trends affecting 
private practice, etc. The American As- 
sociation of Dental Schools will sponsor 
a Dean's Conference next month to study 
these issues. A number of committees 
have been appointed to carry on con- 
tinuing evaluations of a number of re- 
lated factors. The problems are not new; 
they just seem to grow in magnitude as 
our society experiences a rapidly changing 
social order. They may be difficult to 
discern within the confines of one's pri- 
vate office on a day-to-day basis, but 
national trends of a political and social 
nature and developments in Canada, for 
example, demand our earnest concern and 
careful study. 

The faculty joins me in best wishes 
and warm regards, always. 

Harry Lyons, dean 

Dietary Department 

We began the school year with a 
bumper crop of dietetic interns. This is 
the first time in several years we have 
filled our quota of appointments. The 
group looks very promising, and we hope 
all of them will like dietetics as much as 
they anticipated and will become future 


None of the interns are natives of 
Virginia. They represent seven states, 
Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. The 
staff expects to enjoy this large group 
once again. 

We regret having Mrs. Hannah Ryland 
Sanger's resignation. She leaves us this 
fall to devote full time to her home. 
We will miss her very much after seven- 
teen years on the staff; it won't seem 
natural without her. We wish her the 
best as full-time housewife. 

Kathryn W. Heitshu, 
director of dietetics 

Faculty Changes 

(Continued from page 21) 

*Miss Mary Elizabeth Pilcher, instructor 
in medical technology 

Dr. Douglas Powers, associate professor 
of psychiatry 

Dr. Don Ridgeway, associate professor 
of biophysics and biometry 

Dr. Frederick J. Spencer, instructor in 
community medicine 

Miss Carolyn I. Steele, instructor in 

*Dr. William T. Stuart, Jr., clinical in- 
structor in urology 

Dr. Virginia E. Till, instructor in anes- 

*Dr. Raymond E. Weddle, instructor in 
crown and bridge prosthodontics 

*Dr. E. James Wiley, clinical instructor 
in pediatrics 

Mr. Andreas P. Zizos, assistant professor 
of radiology 

Dr. Chester Zmijewski, assistant profes- 
sor of clinical pathology 

Why Don't You 

become a contributor 

to The Scarab? 

If there's news about you or if you see 
in your papers or magazines news about 
MCV alumni or if an alumnus gives papers 
send the word on to us, please. We will 
be most grateful and our alumni will be 
interested in seeing it in The Scarab. 


Richmond Memorial 


Gilts aux) Cjiants to 7)lCV 

The following is the list of gifts and grants with their donors received by the 
Medical College of Virginia during June, July, and August, 1961. The gifts totaled 
599,653.20 and the grants amounted to $771,640.26. 



Alumni Association of the Medical College 
of Virginia 


Bessie G. Leonard 
William A. Mahoney, Sr. 


Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority and Pi Lambda 

Phi Fraternity 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 
Marie Andelman 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Busch 
Employees of Miller and Rhoads, 2nd Floor 

Dress Department 
Mrs. John H. High 
Iota Gamma Phi Sorority 
Kappa Chapter, Iota Gamma Phi Sorority 


Mr. and Mrs. Alex Combs, III 
Geigy Chemical Corporation 


Dorothy Carver Garrott Circle, First Baptist 

Mrs. Quintus Massie 






Our craftsmen are trained to do 
top quality printing; we do not 
have two grades. Truly G&M 
printing, even on a modest budget 
publication, is outstanding. 

Phone us for a consultation re- 
garding your requirements. 

Garrett & Massie, Inc. 


Richmond, Virginia 
MI 8-2809 



Mr. Ruel D. Gammage 
Mr. J. R. Long 
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Mays 
Mr. Thomas A. Scott 


Miss Jane T. Adams 

Bethlehem Presbyterian Church 

Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Cardwell 

George H. Keesee 

Mamie L. Parsley 

Mr. and Mrs. Julian M. Ruffin, Jr. and 

Mrs. Marion Ruffin Anderson 
Margaret A. Wickham 
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Wright 


*Dr. H. M. Kaminester 
*Dr. S. P. Kayne 
*Dr. Nathan Neyman 
*Dr. A. F. Schecter 
*Dr. Arthur Siegel 


*Dr. H. Eric Heiden 
*Mr. Fred C. Jones 
*Dr. A. W. Jordan, Jr. 
*Dr. Eugene L. Kanter 
*Dr. J. H. Long, Jr. 
*Dr. Thomas G. Luckam 
*Dr. Leland S. Mabry 

Dr. Albert G. Paulsen 
*Dr. C. W. Powell 

Dr. Howell F. Shannon 
*Dr. Don P. Whited 


Mr. and Mrs. Jack K. Enock 
*Dr. Max D. Largent 
*Dr. P. N. Pastore 

Mr. Hope F. Stagner 


Harvey G. Camm 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Faris 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Howard 

Investment Club of Danville, Virginia 


Mrs. Annie F. Briscoe 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Foster 
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin S. Godsey 
Mr. Robert A. Harris and family 
Mrs. W. Garland Harris 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Hines 
Mr. and Mrs. William Lee 
The River Gang 
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Traylor 
Women's Society of Bon Air Methodist 


School of Medicine 

Avalon Foundation 

School of Nursing 


Armstrong Foundation. Inc. 

Greene C. T. B. Association 

Rapidan District Tuberculosis Association 


Mr. Angus P. Gunn 
A. H. Robins Company 


Alcohol Research Fund — Dr. Fischer — State 
Health Department 

Alcohol Research Fund — Dr. Forbes — State Health 

Alcohol Research Fund — Dr. Lawson — State 
Health Department 

Alcohol Research Fund-Neurology — Dr. Surer — 
State Health Department 

Albrecht Bethe Fund — Anonymous 

Robert S. Bosher, Jr., Memorial Fund for Cardio- 
vasular Surgery — Anonymous 

Circulation Research Fund — Roanoke Valley 
Heart Association 

William Harrison Higgins Fund — Mr. J. Leo 

Hoff Brain-Drug Fund — Hoffman LaRoche, Inc. 

Hunton Memorial Eye Bank — James River Lions 

Junior Research Fellowship for Dr. Eugene L. 
Klingler — Virginia Heart Association 

MCV Chaplains' Fund — Miss Alice Britton 

Loyalty Fund, School of Hospital Administration 
— *James I. Sublett 

Markel Fellowship-Dr. R. H. Egdahl — The John 
and Mary R. Markel Foundation 

Markel Fellowship-Dr. John R. Mannick — The 
John and Mary R. Markel Foundation 

Hunton Memorial Eye Bank — Old Dominion Eye 
Bank and Research Fund 

Department of Ophthalmology Fund — New Eyes 
for the Needy 

Pfizer Laboratories Research in Urology — Pfizer 
Laboratories, Inc. 

Department of Pharmacology-General Fund — 

Physiology and Pharmacology Research Fund — 

Pulmonary Disease Fund — Mr. P. S. Wood 

Department of Urology Fund-Dr. Prout — Hop- 
pin Bros, and Co. 

State Student Loan Fund — Commonwealth of 

Student Stipend under supervision of Dr. Pop- 
per — Virginia Heart Association 

School of Medicine — Student Fellowship — Na- 
tional Council to Combat Blindness 

Surgical Pathology Fund — Dr. Saul Kay 

Newby Toms Fund — Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Allen 

Unrestricted Endowment Income-matched tuition 
plan for children of employees of our col- 
lege — Burlington Industries Foundation, Inc. 

Virginia State Dental Association's Loan Fund — 
The L. D. Caulk Company 


American Heart Association. Inc. 

American Tobacco Company 

The Commonwealth Fund 

Division of General Medical Sciences 

Division of Radiological Health 

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation 

National Cancer Institute 

National Heart Institute 

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious 

National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic 

National Institute of Dental Research 
National Institute of Mental Health 
National Institute of Neurological Diseases 

and Blindness 
A. H. Robins Company 
Tobacco Industry Research Committee 
Treasurer of the Lfnited States 
Virginia Heart Association 


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Gold $19.25 

Gold 30.00 


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Order from The Alumni Association of MCV 
1 105 East Clay Street, Richmond, Virginia 

We pay shipping 
50« s 

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